The Expanse – blue and parchment fantasy map

Custom Cartography for The Expanse Campaign Setting

Commissioned for an upcoming Dungeons and Dragons campaign by a DM. This map includes features such as a unique compass, unique title for ‘the expanse’ which is the region. Important cities receive custom icons with detailed illustration and small locations receive small point of interest markers. Text is subtle as per the DM’s request. Most locations were named by the DM, with a handful added in by me to flesh out the world. I also added in some extra rivers and lakes. These are services included with the commissioning of a map.

Country Map Regional View for D&D 5e Gameplay

Because the client wanted to be able to see as much of the art as possible, we selected a simple style for the markers and a discrete style for the text. The mountains were done a little differently than my standard, but of course anyone is welcome to request this more isolated and iconic style of mountain instead of the “ridgeline” style I typically draw.

This encompasses 2 regions for the game, one owned by tyrannical enemies the players will fight, and the side from which the players arise. There is no clear division of borders as this is not a contest between countries so much as a contest between a great evil and the forces of good sandwiched between the enemies from the west and the enemies from the east (not shown, but there is the text indicator of the Dead Lands on the far east there, to which direction the orcs lie in wait and may have attacked and killed that entire dwarf fortress in the mountains!)

Hopefully this beautiful map will inspire their game to go into epic places! It’s a nice one! I’d be thrilled as the player.

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