Kingdom of Ore and the Sun Kingdom parchment map

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The Kingdom of Ore and the Sun Kingdom

A fantasy setting designed by my client for his Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder game… most of this is his imagination, and I just made it look like an aged map on parchment paper. A few of the land features were my additions but primarily I worked from his sketch and added his features to create this world at war between two kingdoms. Canoee is not a typo. It threw me off too.

Anyway, I think the result is a nice “pirate treasure map” style. This one was a low cost non-profit map so it’s not the most highly detailed I’ve ever made. My client was satisfied with this for what he paid… which was a steal. đŸ™‚

How to get a custom fantasy map in t his specific old fashioned parchment watercolor style?

Good question, I guess. Either you can take a map you drew in black and white and use a texture that looks like old paper, and place your artwork over top on Multiply, or you can put multiple textures together to make a more complex texture. As of now I don’t sell textures (though in the future I probably will). Free textures for this purpose can be found on sites like DeviantArt and Pixabay. The compass I used on this map can be found in my Eldritch Time Tracking Clocks set on Roll20, and the textures are easy to replicate. I used mountains from Other World Mapper, and my own assets for other elements.

Hire me to make you a map like this for your game. It’s easy. Email me an idea to get a quote, we’ll talk about it, and you can decide from there if you want to work with me.

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