What is Fantasy Worldbuilding Consulting (What kind of tools do you make to help me?)

What is fantasy world building consulting?

Or you may ask, what kind of tools can I make to help you out!
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Free d100 / d20 random container for modern sketchy crime warehouse generator example aid for DMs

Do I need to hire someone to consult on my worldbulding?

Sometimes potential new clients email me and ask questions like this:

  • Can you make up names for my fantasy country, continent, RPG town, city, kingdom?
  • Can you make a family tree of nobility and their wax stamp crests or sigils?
  • Can you make flags for my court of nobles and their kingdoms and territories?
  • I have a lot of empty space and I don’t know what to put there, but I don’t want the map to give away the progression of my story.
  • I have one cool idea for my setting, a great villain and monsters, and nowhere to put them, can you take my ideas and design something around them for the NPCs and DMPCs to live in?
  • My protagonist players are going to be from these three towns and the first quest has them going to this location, and I want them to win a map.
  • I want a map to be a mystery for how to find a treasure and how the world itself functions, part of the quest.
  • One of my players is an Explorer and Lore Hunter and I want tidbits to feed them without having to spend a ton of time writing.
  • Some of my players are advanced Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder players who are familiar with many modules and want something original.
  • I like a published module and do not like its map, and I want to add custom features and homebrew content directions to surprise people who know the setting while still using a familiar asset.
  • I am not very good at naming NPCs and want to have many people available on standby because my players are murder hobos, can you make me a list of people and motivations?
  • I want the map to be made by an egotistical king who thinks his kingdom is the biggest and best, and everything else is tiny and vague, obviously distorted by the cartographer.
  • The cartographer is a character and I want their personality to show up in the map. They would draw animals, weather, and spend time sitting down to add in detailed features in their travel.
  • An element should look obviously removed from the map or added in later, glued on top.
  • I want a conscript.
  • I want some conlang details and made up words with consistency and rules.
  • I want the compass to tell a story.
  • I want the border to tell a story.



So that’s a spread of some of the worldbuilding needs people have brought to me in the past. Tons of people just have a sketch and say ‘okay draw it in this style’. Others need genuine passion about bringing a custom fantasy world for their roleplaying game and novels to life.

Whatever you need. To be the Game and Dungeon Master of your dreams, keeping up with the original content demands of your party and friends? To keep track of the novel you’ve been planning for over a decade? I can help fill in the gaps.

World building tasks you can outsource to me in exchange for money

Hire me to do these speculative fiction, fantasy, science fiction, cyberpunk, steampunk, and horror world creation tasks for your game, RPG, campaign, or fiction. I may reserve the right to publish creations in future RPG modules for other people’s use, unless exclusivity or copyright is otherwise purchased.

Excellent for professional Dungeon and Game Master kits.

I am a veritable font of ideas. I can make stuff up on a theme for days on end. Just give me a few bits of inspirational direction, as much or as little as you want, and I’ll fill in all of the gaps in your worldbuilding.

  • name NPCs, describe their physical appearance, and give an overview of their career and place in the world, as well as personal motivations and connections to other NPCs.
  • create family trees and pantheons of gods
  • name locations, including descriptions of population count, common trades and businesses; create inns and taverns and places to stay, staff businesses, insert tourist attractions and brief explanations of the way of life.
  • design buildings for action encounters, with interactive parts and puzzles, colorful descriptions of furnishings and aesthetics, traps, niches, nooks, and crannies. Versions with and without a legend of explanations for dungeon and game master use versus player use can be included.
  • Design custom battle maps for use in print for miniature roleplaying game play, or virtual tabletop / VTT play on Roll20, FantasyGrounds, and other emerging virtual solutions for contemporary dungeon masters working in the digital age.
  • Craft buildings for encounters with or without grids, basic and complex, for any genre, system-agnostic or specific to your needs as a game master.
  • List randomly generated objects or ideas in any theme, in d20 and d100 lists for your Dungeon, Game, or Lore Master binder of tips and tricks for when your players go astray. Did your players decide to go check out a sketchy warehouse unexpectedly? No problem! Just roll a die and see what they find!
  • prompts, plot bunnies, ideas, and dice roll generated content for any theme and any GM problem. D&D quickfixes for DMs with no time but some money to spare.

So what’s this about

Some people are game masters in a hurry. Some people are great at a certain aspect of storytelling. Some people like having the surprising input of a team, because their players know what to expect from them and modules. Some people just want a hand brainstorming out their world.

I’ve contributed pieces of my imagination to novels, games, and roleplaying campaigns, dungeon crawls, and other improv storytelling real life or chatspace games. Even a few play by post games.

I’m available when you want to outsource the shape of your rivers, the spread of your flora, the flocks of your birds, the breeds of your monsters, the pedigree of your dogs. I’ll make up whatever details you wish you had and you don’t have the time or patience to come up with yourself.

And over time, I’ll release tools like the random chart on top of the page which can be purchased for a small fee to add to your trunk of tools for storytelling too. Depending on what sort of things you ask me to make up, I might add them to such a downloadable tool. Right now I don’t have a store up, but it’s a taste of things to come.

Email me to get help with your fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, mystery, and horror worldbuilding for RPGs and game creators and fiction craftspeople of any kind.

A random d100 or d20 list of containers found in a sketchy, shady crime warehouse for a contemporary game. Gamemaster tool to quickly generate ideas. Great for professionals. I made this and yes, you can print it out and use it. I will have more tools like this available to buy in the near future from DriveThruRPG. Enjoy the freebie.

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