About Us

About Us

My name is Tiffany Munro and I am a Canadian cartographer and digital artist. I hail from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and can be most often found indoors. Winter is always coming. I take commission work to create your custom world. Digital cartography and art map work, concept work, and finally, color work and world building consultancy. I am happy to make stuff up for you.

I’ve been professionally designing maps for fantasy novels, board games, digital game media, and film since 2013. My interest in fantastic cartography began as a teenager in books such as Lord of the Rings. This continued on into my adulthood, and so I made my interest in this niche art into my career.


Love my portfolio? I am available for your custom map work. I provide digital files suitable for use on the web or in print. You can contact me at calthyechild@gmail.com. Further information available on the commissions page.

Just ask me about pricing since maps can vary so wildly in scale. A quote comes with no further obligation. 🙂 If I’m not the right artist I will make some suggestions of other artists I know too!

Existing customers

If you are one of my clients and you have published the item the map is for, contact me at calthyechild@gmail.com with any links you would like added to the portfolio listing. I have lost contact with many of you, but would be delighted to see the finished work and share it with my future clients.

Map Assets

I have three places you can buy my assets!

My Cartography Assets shop.

My Roll20 Shop

My KoFi.

How Did I Start Drawing Maps

How did I really start? Well, in November 2006 I drew this map.

The first fantasy map ever drawn by Tiffany Munro, at the age of 16, for my second Nanowrimo novel. Don’t feel so bad about your sketch now, do you? (And of course now I professionally draw fantasy maps for your novels, games, campaigns, and movies! Everyone starts somewhere.)

Later I moved on to selling maps on Fiverr, and then Upwork, and finally from my own website. I also sell assets on Roll20. I was the first person to sell fantasy maps on Fiverr and accidentally ended up doing so many that no one realizes I can do other forms of art now, and I have no recent examples of other art. D: Really, I can draw more than just maps. Consider hiring me for concept art as well!

Jaina and Jacen signature graphic
Some characters I painted!

I specialize in worldbuilding. I design Tolkien-style maps, Game of Thrones style maps, Skyrim, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, TTRPG maps… so on and so forth. But let’s not make this map keyword stew. You clicked on this to learn more about ME.

About Me

I have four years of fine art training via private lessons. I taught myself digital art via tutorials and practice. Happy to answer questions to bolster other self powered learners! One day I may write a book but for now, email me.

I moved to Winnipeg from rural Alberta in 2013. I was homeschooled for the whole of my school experience, apart from receiving art and music lessons.

My favorite TTRPG is Troika! I like ’em rules light! I run and play it. I’ve also played Mork Borg and Dungeons and Dragons. I hope to try a few more systems and I’m working on some written adventures.

My hobbies are gardening and making music 🎶 (listen free on Bandcamp! Royalty free) My music is ambient, cinematic, experimental and sometimes piano (which I can play for real), all digital. You are welcome to use it in your game / YouTube etc.


Duncan tuxedo cat asset for battlemap VTT Dungeons and Dragons setting fantasy map asset free stock element
This is Duncan, my beloved now deceased cat. I have turned him into a photographic map element for any map photobashers who would like to include him. This is a free stock item which you can use in any appropriate map free of charge and credit. Keep my cat alive in the multiverse and send him on adventures and into sunbeams in Valhalla.

My housemates include Janell, who is the other writer behind the Almaera and Carmen map settings, and shares her brain with that co-creative world, and two cats adopted in Feb 2020. One is a tiny white lady who looks like an alien and is suitably named Princess Leia, adopted at 10. The other is a chonky fluff, enormous, tall, gray with black whiskers and huge earnest eyes adopted at the age of 3. My former housemate was a long tuxy cat and I used to share sushi with him I loved him so much. RIP Duncan, my little buddy (Feb 2020; adopted in Jan 2015 at 9.5). I play piano, sleep in a hammock (sometimes joined by the cat), and attend an Anglican church. I consider myself “spiritual”. For entertainment, you will not be surprised to discover I enjoy consuming the very style of media I create.

You can also add Harry! He’s a wizard! His only power is turning into a grey blur! He was named because of all of his hair!
You can also add The Princess, Leia, lady of the house.

I met Janell in 2004 via fanfiction. We are ace and in a long term queer platonic relationship where writing is our “thing”.

Hiring me comes with the bonus of adding an LGBTQ person to your team.

I use both she and they pronouns.

Pronouns are included for my customers who would feel more comfortable knowing which pronouns I use. Some people have wondered what having two pronouns means. What “she/they” means is that I am fine if you refer to me with she/her pronouns and as a woman, and I am fine if you refer to me with they/them pronouns and as an artist. I am also fine if you alternate, and fine if you completely ignore the neutral pronoun because it makes you uncomfortable due to the plural grammar.

My clients are diverse. I’ve made maps for Christian YouTubers, prayer pamphlets, traditional historical wargames… and I’ve made maps for super gay poly ace xenopronoun witchy fantasy smut settings. I’ve made maps with labels in Chinese, Hindi and Korean. I’ve made maps for clients from all over the globe. You’re welcome to bring anything that requires a map to me. All are welcome.

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