Pricing guide for RPGs and Indie Creators

So you want to commission a map for your Dungeons and Dragons campaign

and you want to know how much it’ll cost.

It’s hard to give a traditional menu, unlike some art forms which are very predictable in production time, maps vary a ton in the amount of time, based on the scope of the project. A couple of styles are very predictable in production time, but for the most part, I find cartography commissions quite unpredictable. Sometimes they’re fast, sometimes they’re slow and extensively detailed.

Content in my portfolio as of writing cost anywhere between $50-$1000+. Maps range in complexity. If this is for a commercially published project, contact me for a quote at calthyechild@gmail, please.

However, I understand those wondering have smaller projects for self published or private roleplaying games and you might want an idea of what you’re in for, so I’ve made a rough menu of the low-high range for artwork. It is subject to change. This is my current pricing metric for private, non-commercial / indi creators in need of map artwork. Prices subject to negotiation based on density, turnaround time, etc. The amount of custom elements created for your map and how fast you want it will impact the price. I’m willing to negotiate based on your budgetary needs, especially if it’s non-commercial and you’re not in a hurry.

If it fits on a single page of a novel and is black and white ink: $75-$550
If it’s also got a color version-$100-$800.
If it’s a two page spread for a book: $120-$850
If it’s a standard printer paper size for a game with lineart and parchment underneath: $150-$850
If it’s a small poster in color: $300-$800

Proper full size painted posters are expensive, what can I say, they take time to draw. Big posters and vector work are more expensive.

Single location black and white or color “photobash” battlemap on a grid: $15-$50 per room–with some wiggle room for what’s considered a “room”. For example a prison cell block would be a room, not each cell. I created a hollowed out tree with four levels, each level was a “room”. If it’s a larger exterior layout, $50-$400.

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