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Love my work? It’s time to take it to the next level by commissioning your own custom piece of artwork. Commissioning me will get you a digital copy of your map suitable for print or use on the web.

Inquiries are always free and no obligation.

Commission a Custom Map

Contact me with the following information to either discuss your idea or work out a quote.

  • A sketch. Sketches do not need to be artistically “good”. They only need to tell me where you would like things located.

    example sketch for commissioning a custom fantasy map
    example sketch for commissioning a custom fantasy map
  • The required print size of the finished piece.
  • Black and white, lineart, color and style preferences.
  • Open Street Maps screenshot or satellite imagery, if needed.
  • List of place names, if needed.
  • Any images you find that help you visualize your world.
  • If for a written project, ei: a story, Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or other roleplaying campaign, descriptive sections of writing that would help me visualize your world.
  • Your budget.
  • Your timeline. I am occasionally available for rapid turnaround commissions, but the offered price quote will reflect the speed.
  • Unsatisfied by how little information is contained in this list? I made a list of even more things! Cheat sheet of more information you could send me to get your custom fantasy map quote!
  • Link to any of my existing maps that have a style you like. Fantasy map portfolio. Real world map portfolio. City, Town, Campground, Event, and Dungeon map portfolio.
  • Overwhelmed by how much information there is? Ignore all of it and send me a doodle and the words “make it prettier, here’s my budget.” That’s literally all you have to do. 🙂 Some people enjoy the discourse and others don’t and it’s fine for you to be either way.
  •  Map of volcanic archipelago on parchment yellow old paper watercolor fantasy map with no text
    This map was created with only the prompts of “I want a volcanic archipelago and I like the look of Greece,” plus the name: The Searthi Archipelago, and the scale, for a game master.



More information on getting a custom fantasy map.

An email exchange with me will involve me asking some questions about your work. If you choose to work with me, only after a sketch is complete is any payment expected. I can be contacted at, or via my social media links which can be found under ‘about’. I have Discord too (_Ti_). Email is best, I usually answer initial client emails within a day or two. Getting a quote is free, and all quotes are negotiable. I will do lower cost art in exchange for you not receiving exclusive ownership of the final art. Rights and needs for your art can be discussed in an email as this varies from project to project.

I accept payment via Paypal, Stripe, BTC, or for my Canadian clients, interac E-transfer. Arrangements can be made for alternative payment. My standard policy is 50% non-refundable down payment after the sketch is satisfactory, and then the remainder once the map is completed.

Some of my clients prefer to work through an escrow site, therefore I maintain a presence on Upwork which contains reviews from past buyers.

I work with clients of many types. Non-professionals wanting a map for their Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or other roleplaying game. Indie authors wanting a map for their fantasy or speculative fiction novel. Homebrew game makers. Students requiring art for a school project. Professional industry creators. Producers of well known novels, games, card games, board games, and film. Large print posters and high end art pieces. I charge industry appropriate prices for turnaround speed, print size, and detail. Whatever your project budget, don’t hesitate to contact me.

COMMISSION custom Concept Art

Love my vision and think I could bring something exciting to your world? Email me at Conceptional art inquiries do not need to come with a complete vision. Or you can have an extensive vision! Things you may want to include in your email are as follows.

COMMISSION Custom COmic art

My webcomic is at Stargazer’s Gate. I am available for components of comic art.

  • Flatting / flat color work on pre-inked pages.
  • Setting up color schemes, palettes and color consultation.
  • Lettering and speech bubble placement.
  • Matte / large prepainted backgrounds for you to do your own cartooning over top.
  • Complete coloring of comic inks, comic colorist work.

but i feel bad about my sketch still…

Behold, Tiffany’s first map drawn at the age of 16. Seriously, you don’t have to draw anything if you don’t want to, I’ll figure out how to extract the information out of you somehow. ^_^ That might sound painful but I promise, it’s usually not that hard. A little time consuming, but not hard! We’ll do it together! You might not be used to collaborative work but I am, I do it every day, and I know just how to guide you through the steps to getting your dream map.

The first fantasy map ever drawn by Tiffany Munro, at the age of 16, for my second Nanowrimo novel. Don’t feel so bad about your sketch now, do you? (And of course now I professionally draw fantasy maps for your novels, games, campaigns, and movies! Everyone starts somewhere.)

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