Love my work? It’s time to take it to the next level by commissioning your own custom piece of artwork.

Inquiries are always free and no obligation. I can be contacted at or via my social media links, present somewhere up there. I accept payment via Paypal or for my Canadian clients, interact E-transfer. Some of my clients prefer to work through an escrow site, therefore I maintain a presence on Upwork which contains reviews from past buyers.

I work with clients of many types. Non-professionals wanting a map for their Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or other roleplaying game. Indie authors wanting a map for their fantasy or speculative fiction novel. Homebrew game makers. Students requiring art for a school project. Professional industry creators. Producers of well known novels, games, card games, board games, and film. Large print posters and high end art pieces. I charge industry appropriate prices for turnaround speed, print size, and detail. Whatever your project budget, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Commission a Custom Map

Contact me with the following information to either discuss your idea or work out a quote.

  • A sketch. Sketches do not need to be artistically “good”. They only need to tell me where you would like things located.

    example sketch for commissioning a custom fantasy map

    example sketch for commissioning a custom fantasy map

  • The required print size of the finished piece.
  • Black and white, lineart, color and style preferences.
  • Google maps screenshot or satellite imagery, if needed.
  • List of place names, if needed.
  • Any images you find that help you visualize your world.
  • If for a written project, ei: a story, Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or other roleplaying campaign, descriptive sections of writing that would help me visualize your world.
  • Your budget.
  • Your timeline. I am occasionally available for rapid turnaround commissions, but the offered price quote will reflect the speed.
  • Link to any of my existing maps that have a style you like. Fantasy map portfolio. Real world map portfolio. City, Town, Campground, Event, and Dungeon map portfolio.

COMMISSION custom Concept Art

Love my vision and think I could bring something exciting to your world? Email me at Conceptional art inquiries do not need to come with a complete vision. Things you may want to include in your email are as follows.

  • Print sizes, if needed.
  • Budget.
  • Timeline.
  • What the project is intended to become.
  • Any sample images for style, color, or inspiration.
  • Written descriptions or ideas.

COMMISSION Custom COmic art

My webcomic is at Stargazer’s Gate. I am tied up with a larger comic project, therefore I am not taking for full page commissions as the penciller/inker.

  • Flatting / flat color work on pre-inked pages.
  • Setting up color schemes, palettes and color consultation.
  • Lettering and speech bubble placement.
  • Matte / large prepainted backgrounds for you to do your own cartooning over top.
  • Complete coloring of comic inks, comic colorist work.