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virtual tabletop character PC/NPC tokens, fantasy maps for village, town, city, world settings, VTT and print battlemaps

Available on Roll20 now. Behold, my tokens for your virtual gameplay!

VTT top-down token pack 1

virtual tabletop vtt character elf blond dreadlocks viking fantasy cleric spellcaster light magic unarmed wizard magic mage holy high elf
One of the elf spellcasters available in my fantasy character NPC token packs on Roll20 now. Feel free to use this token in your non-profit game.

Elves, NPCs, and spellcaster character tokens with bonus tiefling horn add on. Makes over 400 potential characters. Systems agnostic, but of course you can use them in Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder type settings.

While I envy the people who make gorgeous 3D art, I’ve decided to go with my OG love for my character tokens—comic book artwork. So all of my tokens will be illustrations by me in my comic book style. Maps will be in a variety of styles, giving you access to some of my artwork to use in your VTT game hosted on Roll20.

Fantasy character pack 2

virtual tabletop token grey wizard hat spellcaster vtt dungeons and dragons fantasy system agnostic pathfinder mage the ascension token
One of the tokens from my second VTT icon pack, virtual tabletop token grey wizard hat spellcaster. You may use this sample token in your non-profit game.

NPC Guards and Spellcasters VTT top down tokens for Roll20

This pack includes over 300 tokens, and add-ons for every pose to virtually double your potential character set. Add-on items include horns, a horned Viking-esque helmet, angel wings, devil wings, and wizard hats.

Want my art in another VTT?  You can email me. I’m in the process of talking with d20Pro and links will be added once available.


Historical Norse Viking Villagers and Infantry Character Tokens

Historical Viking Norse Villager Infantry Tokens for Virtual Tabletop VTT Dungeons and Dragons D&D 5e Pathfinder Gurps
Click here to buy the set at a discount.

15 different Norse inspired characters. Some are armed, some are unarmed.

5 color variations for each set, ranging from blonde and light complexion to dark brown.

Front view and top down view included for each token variation.

5 optional frames included you can install yourself. 172 pngs at 140×140 pixels for virtual tabletop gaming use. Appropriate for historical fantasy settings as well as most medieval.

Runestones and numbers 1-100, A-Z

alphabet and letter tokens 1-100 one to one hundred english letters roleplaying game digital tokens roll20 virtual tabletop vtt add on asset
A new set! Alphabet and letter tokens 1-100 one to one hundred english letters roleplaying game digital tokens roll20 virtual tabletop vtt add on asset.

In my store, I now have five variations of this token set with letters, runes, symbols, and numbers 1-100s. These are useful for pretty much anyone who runs a virtual tabletop game.


You can also buy them from me directly at a discount for the full set of options: All 10 color options for Letter and Number VTT tokens.

Also available on roll20:

Blue and Ice

Lime and Yellow (sick and poisoned?)

Brown and Red

Granite and Marble







Eldritch Time Tracking Countdown Clocks

Countdowns for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12, with 2 options each.

Roll20 rollable table add on.

Image pack version for use on all maps.

Eldritch RPG countdown clock virtual tabletop asset.Lovecraft Blades in the Dark countdown virtual tabletop clock set

Status Icons

Ssketchy stickman status icons for Dungeons and Dragons 5e d&d 5e vtt roll20 gameplayketchy Stickman status icons for Roll20 (designed for Dungeons and Dragons)

Fire elemental status icon.

The interesting thing about these is, they’re always purchased overnight, leaving me to believe Australians find them particularly hilarious. I was going for a Kingdom of Loathing kind of goofy deal.

Imperfect, a bit doofy, not the same vector icons stolen from a public domain set that everyone else is using, and worse, paying for because they don’t know better. That ticks me off, that one of the top selling Roll20 status icon sets is just stock art. At least I drew these bad boys.

It is set up to automatically use as status icons in Roll20 so if you want the image kit contact me directly (I’ll have it up to download from my site at some point!)



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