Payment Policy

Policy. My least favorite word. These are mine.

Payment method:

I accept payment via Digital Payment Methods only, unless you are a Canadian publisher paying via cheque. I accept payment in any currency, but usually in the value of USD, unless you are a Canadian paying me via bank transfer or cheque, in which case you get the CAD discount.

Accepted payment forms:

In order of preference.

  • Paypal to my email address: You can, if you want, use the sidebar donation menu to do this.
  • Canadian Bank transfer (interac E-Transfer)
  • BTC or other forms of E-currency to my Coinbase.
  • Western Union

Price Commitment:

Prior to us starting the project, we will talk cost. I do not raise prices without re-negotiation in clear, unambiguous terms. The quote we discuss at the start of the project will be the price of your map unless I have unambiguously said ‘to do what you asked I will have to charge a higher rate than discussed’. You will never be surprised by the bill.

Payment frequency:

I do not require up front payment. You can pay me up front if you want to. If we have not worked together before, I would like 50% after the sketch is completed and you are sure you want to progress, and 50% after the final is complete. If we have worked together then it can be 100% once completed.


I will do all reasonable edits during the creation phase. Almost nothing is denied to you, as long as it happens at the right time. Unlike many artists, I do not have an “edit limit”. There are a lot of moving pieces in maps. Please make any requests you desire. I only ask that you try to catch everything that I’ve done as fast as possible. For example if I send you the landmass and rivers you tell me if you want changes to the landmass and rivers but don’t worry about the fact that there’s no trees, I’ll be adding those later. If I send you a version with text added, check the text to make sure there are no typos and I got everything positioned correctly.

If you need edits months or years after you paid, then there is a modest fee.

$20 for any text editing (as many pieces of text added/removed/changed as you would like)

$20 to add/remove/alter symbols, up to a reasonable handfull.

Extended negotiations may be made if your edits are greater than the usual “later” edits, which have almost always been “this building burned down, this town is in ruins, there’s a new city here, this town was renamed” kind of changes. đŸ™‚ A reskinned map representing the Evil Mirror Dimension with a very different feel may cost less than the original but more than the typical editing fee.


Rights are transferred post-payment. Usually you have the right to reproduce the art commercially in association with the project we discussed. Ei: you want to put a map in a book, an RPG module, you’re a paid GM and it’s for your game. If you have a different project and wish to reuse the map for that different purpose, then there is a small re-licensing fee.

Art will be sent in a low res watermarked version until you have paid for it. Art that is not paid for is not your art and will be reused as stock art and resold in packages for anyone. If unpaid art has client location names, these will be removed.

If you do not pay for the art, you do not own it, and I will reuse it in any way I see fit.

“I can’t pay until after I run my Kickstarter! And I need the art in high res non-watermarked to make Kickstarter demo images!”


“I’ll give you a %”


“Why not?!”

Because I’ve been burned in the past. Maybe you’ll prove me wrong. You are welcome to license any of my premade art for this purpose, such as items in my Roll20 shop or abandoned client work.