Free Fantasy Map Generators / Assorted Links

Hi. I’m Tiffany Munro, fantasy world maker, world building consultant, and cartographer.

Can’t draw? Here’s an extensive list of free fantasy map generators and name generators! (I will also make up names on request) You could use these to create a free map or base for something you’d like me to customize. I update this semi-regularly with new map generators, new examples from these free map creation apps. Also I add review notes on how to use these programs. If you know of a fantasy map generator not on this page, email it to me and I will add it if I think it’s of any use. Eventually this will become the best list of free fantasy cartography resources for my clients to make sketches and anyone searching to make a totally free map for their tabletop game campaign. Last updated: Aug 1/2020

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Free fantasy Country and Continent Map generators

Example of Agazaar fantasy map generator result with customizations

Randomly generated result with a couple of extra options selected.

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator – creates colored world map bases. Someone could use this to create a zoomed out world map or country base. As for how to use Agazaar’s fantasy map generator, I have not determined if it is possible to freehand draw any shapes, but the menu button on the left contains a wide variety of customization options for the generated shape. Clicking on a text label or generated icon will allow you to move it freely and change its options. It also generates random information about the point of interest. This map creator is actively updated and considered one of the best free fantasy country makers, and there’s a subreddit that exists for help on how to use it.

Red Blob Games Map Generator allows you to place land, mountains, water, and ocean on a painted style map, free to download for any use. An exceptionally powerful mapping tool which uses 3D to do both overhead and isometric views. I created this map in mere minutes and was impressed by the potential. I might use this!

Creation technique is detailed in a manner that may be of interest to programmers on the creator’s website!

Mewo2 Map Editor. This isn’t a single box editor like many of the others, but you scroll through to add bits and build the map through several stages. The procedural process of building the map might work well for some. I found it easy and enjoyable to move through.  However, names are limited to automatically generated place names.

beaglemage fantasy map generator lets you create fantasy maps in Python for the geekiest method of map creation
beaglemage fantasy map generator lets you create fantasy maps in Python for the geekiest method of map creation

Beaglemage Fantasy Map Generator – If you’d rather GIT a map than get one, this tool can be downloaded from GitHub, and then you will need to know actual wizard magic, but you can make results like this one. I must disclose: the creator of the program sent me this result, I didn’t actually make it myself. It is Open Source. I took a look at it in Text Wrangler and it looks easy enough to expand the names it generates, and due to how the images are added in, it seems simple enough to change what textures and image assets are pulled. However, what looks much more complicated would be changing say, how the coastlines are generated. For someone with Python knowledge this could be the godsend fantasy map generator of your dreams, though. Ripe and ready to be picked apart and coded into your own personal fantasy map making tool. I admit I really do want to put some of my own textures and trees in and see what happens. One thing I don’t know is how to take the script and actually run it, but if you happen to be a programmer, you know exactly what must be done. Have fun. 

Look at maps by myself, Tiffany Munro, cartographer.

Fantasy City and Village map generators for pathfinder and dungeons and dragons

Example of Watabao's fantasy village generator fantasy village simple DnD art
Example of a village generated with Watabao’s fantasy generator. Free to use any results generated. 🙂
The Blueprint color scheme along with the Legend option.

Watabou’s Medieval Fantasy City Generator – This is my personal favorite, very useful, it generates a blank city base. You won’t get something finished from this, but it’s under active development. It is now possible to edit text, though you cannot position it (it is randomized by seed and a warp tool). I find it a great idea generator. New features are being added regularly and this is an excellent way to get a sense of what shape you might like your city to be.

Watabou’s Medieval Fantasy Village Generator – From the maker of the Medieval City Generator, a new tool! The Village Generator! Works on the same principle, without quite as many features.

Oskar Stalberg’s City Generator. This city generator is extremely limited in functionality but very fun to tool around with to create an urban space with streets, trees and buildings if that’s your need. It is very easy to use, just click and it will add in a random new city block. No updates have been made since I added it to the list, so it remains more of a fun novelty than an exceptionally useful mapping tool.



An automatically generated map with no work required! However, Inkwell Idea’s random city generator allows you to move around the town and village assets yourself to customize your RPG village.

Inkwell Idea’s Random City Generator creates random cities that resemble an overhead pixel world map from a vintage RPG game, or you can position pieces yourself. It’s flexible for what it is, which is an old computer CGI pixel art style village or city map. While notable for its random generation instant map creation, it allows for enough customization that someone might be able to find it useful for a game.



Easily the least artistic addition to this list is RPG City Generator, a vintage text-based map generator which will form an acsii map which corresponds to a code to understand what region of the city is being represented. It falls somewhere in between a fantasy city art map generator and a plain text city feature generator, as you do receive a visual, but it’s only functional as data, not art. The site includes a character generator as well, and is distinctively oriented towards the needs of the tabletop gamer and not creating a map for say, a novel.

Example of what you will get with Oskar Stalberg’s City Generator. There is no way to add text or change color at the time of writing, but you can click to rejigger.

Also in the very limited functionality map makers, we have Metro Map Maker which is an in-browser map maker to create a subway or bus route in the style of New York, London, and other big city metro mapping styles. This could absolutely be used for a real world bus route map, and by using it, you agree your map will be placed in the public domain.




free fantasy dungeon crawls, d&d old school style battle maps and maze generators

DonJon’s Dungon Generator includes wandering monster encounters and a legend for each room to run what you generate as a DM.

Donjon Random Dungeon Generator – generates very simple dungeons based on set parameters. Useful only for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and similar such groups, I suppose, as it actually generates a random set of encounters to go along with running the dungeon as a game using open source RPG materials! Here’s an example I received with this dungeon.

1 1 x 1st Level Warrior Duergar (dwarf), scavenging for food and treasure
2 1 x Derro, wielding bizarre eldritch powers
3 1 x Troglodyte Zombie, scavenging for food and treasure
4 1 x Medium Monstrous Spider (vermin), hunting for food
5 1 x Troglodyte, gathered around an evil shrine
6 1 x Shrieker (fungus), wielding bizarre eldritch powers
Room #1
East Entry Stuck Stone Door (break DC 28; hard 8, 60 hp) (slides to one side, +1 to break DC)

→   Leads to room #2

South Entry #1 Unlocked Stone Door (hard 8, 60 hp)
South Entry #2 Stuck Iron Door (break DC 28; hard 10, 60 hp)


The “village” tile set option. There are several themed sets which can be arranged in Dave’s mapper.

Dave’s Mapper is for Dungeon Masters running fantasy dungeon crawl style games,

or science fiction roleplaying game adventures such as Star Wars, Cyberpunk, etc as it has tilesets for space ships too. It is only tiles that you can place and flip around, and accepts donations of new tiles to continue expanding their tool. The results are limited but look great!

Gozzy’s Wilderness mapper generates a random wilderness battle map based on a few assorted seeds. Gozzy’s Cave Maps will generate a random cave grid battle map. Finally, last but not least, Gozzy’s Dungeon Maps will make you a random dungeon based on an assortment of seeds. You can save the image as well as the URL based on the seeds. Great for Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, that kinda game.

Dungeon Scrawl is the latest and greatest in your early edition Dungeon inspiration creation. It makes one style of dungeon, and you have to draw it yourself, but provides free to use SVG downloads of that dungeon. The style is the classic crosshatched gridform dungeon such as you might have played with in the 80s and 90s. I’m really excited for the potential of Dungeon Scrawl as a tool for myself, so please enjoy it.






random Planet generators and science fiction related mapping tools

Demo of planet maker
Planetmaker is a 3D in browser tool which lets you create a custom planet with moons, rings, and adjust it to create a space scene. Easy to use and stunning results mean PlanetMaker is a no-brainer tool for inspirational scene crafting.

An example of what you get from the fractal generator.

Don Jon’s Fractal World Generator lets you generate random jagged landforms to use as a base. Could be useful to print out or draw on top to design coastlines and interesting random climates. Currently has very limited functionality. It’s a fun tool to brainstorm the view of an entire planet, however. The most powerful tool of note in DonJon’s fractal world generator is the high res export.

Due to the nature of this World Generator, everything comes out looking quite grid-like.








Experilous Planet Generator lets you generate random globes to certain parameter specifications. Their settings give you access to plate tectonics, wind direction and more. Gget a sense of a whole world’s shape. Potentially useful, but I would say it’s more of a novelty to inspire you than a functional map building tool.

By default Dave’s tectonic generator creates a globe, but it can also form a flat projection.





Davidson Tectonic Generator allows you to randomly generate plate tectonics and observe their movement over time. There are multiple projection views. Again, this is more of an inspirational tool than a “do it all” kit. This could be useful to plan tectonics before drawing a more completed map using this as a base. It also gives you a sense of how a world would look from space.




Hex and Grid Battle Map style freebies

Map Forge is a download only program where you can create low-res top down and hex maps for free. Or you can buy the full version, available for the low price of $34 at the moment. I have not tested it, but it is being actively developed and seeks to be something superior to those that come before. It currently has 24 expansion packs, is seeking to add isometric capabilities, and is under active development (unlike some of the other options). This means its price will go up in the future. It has actually gone up since I added it to this list, so if it’s interesting to you, you should probably jump on it.

Fantasy Map Builder is another take on a tile-set, instead of being square modules the pieces are a variety of shapes and styles. I personally find it painfully slow to set up a map with this freebie, but it does have a very large set of free Dungeon Master tile art options to construct a map and someone patient could definitely create something great free for use with this tool.

Roll for Fantasy Creator allows you to make basic stamp maps out of some pre-existing pieces. While some people have used it to great success, I found it too tedious to construct anything to demo here.

Map generated from various seed options in Redblob.

RedBlogGames map generator – Creates a grid filled with random locations with sliders to control biomes. Great inspirational way to build a single continent. It’s so easy. I don’t think the final result is super polished though. It’s a most user friendly map generator and creating this result was effortless.



HexTML is a hex map editor with very basic art, but stands out because of its collaborative functions, being the only map editor I know of that permits you to edit a map with another person. I would have loved that a decade ago, when I was collaborating primarily with someone who lived 16 hours away.

Hexographer is an archaic, out of date map-maker that has since been replaced with a similar hex-based map maker, Worldographer which can be demoed for free. Not personally my cup of tea, but good for making fast maps for games that are set on a hex grid specifically.

On a very similar token, GM Friend provides an in browser super basic hex map editor. More of a toy than anything.



Other Free Cartography Tools

A very different mapping program is Map Chart which allows you to create basic colored maps of the real world, used for statistics and academic purposes. Someone has used it to create Westeros, however, so I have elected to include it in this resource.

Autorealm is an old downloadable map maker which had interesting functionality but when I tried it years ago, did not impress me enough to move away from illustration-based programs. Still, it gets mentioned here and there, and it is free. It’s vector based.

Old Maps Online is an excellent research tool for finding historical maps, although some of the academic and museum sites it links to have painfully awkward controls. Maps found through Old Maps Online are often free for public domain (given they are very old maps) but you should check the site it directs you to in case there is a copyright before using them. Great for inspiration and scholarly mapping needs.

QGIS is the only free Graphical Informations System I know of, and some people have used it for fantasy mapping, though it’s generally used for real world and programming cartographic applications instead. I’ve used it as part of my process to create a full continental map of the real world and a watercolor map of Utah.

Demo of Watabou Procedural Mansion maker free fantasy map tool for horror game master

Watabou Procedural Mansion Generator will create for you a random 3D mansion exterior facade which you can look at from all angles. You cannot, however, see the floor plan or go inside, and the controls are minimal. In order to regenerate your mansion you have to refresh the page. It would be useful to create references of random fantasy buildings, however.

Floodmap uses the Google API and coastal depth projections to show you what it would look like at varying degrees of global water level rising. I used Floodmap to determine how much of Vancouver would be under water at 250 metres, for a not exactly post-apocalyptic novel I’m working on, but more like… well, things do suck and some people have died, but doom has come at a much slower pace than we predicted today, so it’s very much like a Black Mirror cyberpunk piece.

Snazzy Maps is an excellent tool for graphic designers and web developers wanting a google map on their business site or card, but wanting that Google map to not look like the classic grey-yellow-blue style that we all know and love and fear bringing about the end of civilization as we know it, thanks OBAMA. Very useful for non-fantasy map purposes, potentially useful for a real life modern game setting.

Paid Fantasy Map Making and cartography Programs

Map of Estavin, a continent / archipelago on Almaera, created in Other World Mapper original fantasy setting Tiffany Munro fantasy maps

The paid program I favor is Other World Mapper which can be demoed for free with all features, but requires a payment to unlock the save option. I elected to do this, and since I’ve purchased the program, I have integrated its functionality into many of my maps. While I don’t think it is a complete package yet for an artistic map, since it does not have sketching tools, it’s really easy to get the hang of and turn out a map fast. I have a timelapse video of me drawing a map for my own setting in Other World Mapper to see what can be done. It’s the only one I’ve purchased to date after trying a demo.

A shield I whipped up with Worldspinner’s heraldry tool, based on historic standards.

Worldspinner allows you to try their tool for one month for free, watermarked downloads only. However, they include a free heraldry tool. I’m including it on this list even though it’s not a “free” map generator, per se, but a trial. It also has a free name generator. These free tools may be of some use.



Inkarnate map creator – Tons of people use this program to make their “sketches” for me. I haven’t used it, but it appears to be a collection of full color fantasy icons that can be assembled on assorted colored texture backgrounds. Inkarnate maps have a very recognizable look, but they can definitely be used to create a finished feeling project by a patient person. They have a limited free edition and paid options with more extensive tooling on a “per month” subscription free basis. As I have not signed up for Inkarnate, I have not created a demo.

Dungeon Fog lets you make three free maps and then you have to pay. This makes it more of a “free trial” than a “free mapping program”, alas, still potentially useful. Like Inkarnate, I have not joined to test it. Also, like Inkarnate, it is a subscription based model.

WonderDraft and Dungeon Draft are both often used by many other artists, though I have not yet tried them myself. For a mere $50 USD you can own both programs, equipped with everything you need to make a fantasy map.

ProFantasy has dozens of mapping programs for assorted purposes. They’re best known for Campaign Cartographer and Fractal Terrains, City Builder and Dungeon Builder, but they have other even more niche programs. I got their Humble Bundle, including CC3+, City Builder, and Dungeon Builder, and while it seems powerful for certain kinds of mapping, if you don’t like the general look it’s a huge chore to install your own assets, and the learning curve makes Illustrator look easy. I can’t deny the power of its mapping specific force, but the programs are an intimidating challenge to use. Not free, but they’re not that expensive… at the moment it’s half price for the base program, for $22 you can give this program a whirl. Even at full price, $44 is not unreasonable compared to the price of commissioning a map, so maybe it’ll be right for you! You can automate many tasks once you figure out the interface.


Name generators

Chaotic Shiny random world building generators – I go here REGULARLY. Tons of amazing world building specific generators, character generators, etc.

Seventh Sanctum random world building generators – Many generators, primarily name generators, but there’s plot generators, etc.


With all these perfectly good options, why should I hire you to create my fantasy map?

Map of the Kilean Archipelago for Enderal novel
Map of the Kilean Archipelago for Enderal novel. You can make your own map if you want! A free map generator can’t make this.

Because you like my art style.
Because you don’t want to do the heavy lifting creative jiggery
Fifty billion little trees.
Because you don’t have time to make a map as nice as you’d like.
Hand drawn custom mountain ranges.
Because you don’t want your map to look like one of these generator results.
Original compass art.
Because you have custom imagery not available in the icon sets.
All the fonts, all of the effects.
Because you want a unique world.
You have a specific vision.
Because you want a vector or large print piece.
Because you want art.

Map of Escalon for Rise of the Dragons.

I don’t discourage anyone from trying to create their own map first. I even have a tutorial of my OG map making style with my original map icons available for download if you want to have a go at it in Photoshop. I freehand almost all of my work now, however, I used the set included with that download for many of my early maps.
Seriously, if you want to make your own map, go for it. That’s why I’m saving all of the free RPG fantasy map generators and makers I find on this page. I’ve been updating it regularly to add new things I find so check back, I guess, I’ll try branch it out into being a better resource as time goes on. 🙂
But, if you don’t want to, send me an email.

Look at maps by myself, Tiffany Munro, cartographer.