Can’t draw? Here’s some free fantasy map generators you could use to create a base for what you’d like me to customize. Also I’ve included some name generator sites.

Fantasy Map generators

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator – creates colored world map bases. Someone could use this to create a zoomed out world map base. I haven’t used it so I’m not sure how powerful it is.

RedBlogGames map generator – Creates a grid filled with random locations with sliders to control biomes. Great inspirational way to build a single continent. It’s so easy. I don’t think the final result is super polished though. It’s the most user friendly map generator.

Watabou’s Medieval Fantasy City Generator – This is my personal favorite, very useful, it generates a blank city base. You won’t get something finished from this.

Inkarnate map creator – Tons of people use this program to make their “sketches” for me. I haven’t used it, but it appears to be a collection of full color fantasy icons that can be assembled on assorted colored texture backgrounds. Inkarnate maps have a very recognizable look, but they can definitely be used to create a finished feeling project by a patient person.

Roll for Fantasy Creator allows you to make basic stamp maps out of some pre-existing pieces.

Don Jon’s Fractal World Generator lets you generate random jagged landforms to use as a base. Could be useful to print out or draw on top to design coastlines and interesting random climates.

Donjon Random Dungeon Generator – generates very simple dungeons based on set parameters. Useful only for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and similar such groups, I suppose. But it has its uses so I thought I’d include it as one of the random fantasy map generators.
Dungeon Fog lets you make three free maps and then you have to pay.

Name generators

Chaotic Shiny random world building generators – I go here REGULARLY. Tons of amazing world building specific generators, character generators, etc.

Seventh Sanctum random world building generators – Many generators, primarily name generators, but there’s plot generators, etc.

With all these perfectly good options, why should I hire you to create my fantasy map?

Because you like my art style.
Because you don’t want to do the heavy lifting creative jiggery
Fifty billion little trees.
Because you don’t have time to make a map as nice as you’d like.
Hand drawn custom mountain ranges.
Because you don’t want your map to look like one of these generator results.
Original compass art.
Because you have custom imagery not available in the icon sets.
All the fonts, all of the effects.
Because you want a unique world.
You have a specific vision.
Because you want a vector or large print piece.
Because you want art.

I don’t discourage anyone from trying to create their own map first. I even have a tutorial of my OG map making style with my original map icons available for download if you want to have a go at it in Photoshop. I freehand almost all of my work now, however, I used the set included with that download for many of my early maps.
Seriously, if you want to make your own map, go for it. That’s why I’m saving all of the free RPG fantasy map generators and makers I find on this page. I’ve been updating it regularly to add new things I find so check back, I guess, I’ll try branch it out into being a better resource as time goes on. đŸ™‚