The Continent of Valldnor

Parchment and watercolor ancient medieval custom cartography Valldnor

The Eye of the Maelstrom

This continent is surrounded by dangerous storms. These are a major feature of the novel, as the characters must sail through some of those terrible places and not get killed. Valldnor is a dark fantasy setting and as such I wanted the map to have a faded and aged look that represented the hearts of the characters who once had high hopes but now have been battered by those terrible storms. A lot of sad things happen in the story, but you know that just makes you want to read it more… most everyone likes a good struggle.

I’m very happy with this map. I think it perfectly captured how the book’s blurbs felt to read. I read a full summary of events as travel is critical in the story (which is upcoming for publication! I will let you know when it’s out!). Definitely a story that needed a map. No spoilers though! I’ll just say, the people travel throughout all of these places in the course of events that unwravels over many years, and the map definitely helps to make sense of that from above! Looking forward to it.

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