Map of Marshwood and the Folded Empire

Marshwood Blue Fantasy Map Watercolo and Ink style hand drawn mountains inked Tolkien style cartography for novel TTRPG tabletop Dungeons and Dragons 5e adventure

Blue Watercolor Fantasy Map for TTRPG

This map is styled after an earlier map I made, The Expanse.

I think I nailed it, with one noteworthy change: the way I did the water around the island. The commissioner for the Expanse wanted the ‘inked style’ waves, and my commissioner for Marshwood just wanted a map that resembled the style of the Expanse map. Other changes in the style include the font and the style of the city icons. I did pop out of the circle cities on this map for the first time, instead of enclosed or placed directly in the land. This was a good idea, I think. I really like the outcome of the city icons.

Overall, I think I got the color, texture, and the mountains to resemble my earlier work.

Generally people want a map that looks original for their own work, but once in a while people request art that resembles my past art too. This is one of those occasions.

I don’t know which I prefer. I like to develop whole new looks for people’s work, but I am also the best person in the world to copy my old art.

As a cartographer, I can make you a map if you would like. Email me and we can talk about your cartography needs and how much it will cost for your world! I’d love to make you a map that has this exact style, or something completely different!

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