Taelgir for Carved Amidst the Shadows (closeup of Isydill behind the fold)

Taelgir fantasy map for book

This Map of Taelgir and Isydill is for Carved Amidst the Shadows by M.T. Fontaine.

The color version of the map is for the website and black and white version for the book!


Isydill fantasy map for book commission for author
Carved amidst the Shadows by M.T.Fontaine. Visit https://www.mtfontaine.com for more info about this upcoming book.

These maps were created for a book by M.T.Fontaine and represent the main setting as well as a closeup of the most important area for the book. It is full of details from the lore. A black and white version will go in the actual book and these brightly colorful versions are for social media and website use!

I take commissions from authors for book maps, contact me via email or Discord to get started with a quote for your novel map now!

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