The Continent of Vahn Ellak

Fantasy continent map

Fantasy continent Map of Vahn Ellak

This map shows a continent split between several factions with a mighty volcano! Commissioned by one of my clients for their friend as a gift! I take commissions, email or Discord message me to get started with a quote!

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2 thoughts on “The Continent of Vahn Ellak

    1. $150 USD and up. This one was $150 USD, $175 USD or $220 USD, I can’t remember for sure. It’s based on the print size and complexity of the work! A single region on a printer paper where the locations are shown as dots rather than unique illustrations is usually $150 and a great many “non-commercial DM maps” would fall into that category. The highest price range is $500-$800 for the digital painting with everything being uniquely rendered for that map, no “stamps” involved. I think this one was designed for a 24 inch print though, making it a little more expensive to produce than the entry level range. Shoot me an email or Discord message with a sketch or pitch and I’ll verify the quote if that’s sounding about right to you.

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