Journey of the Humpback Whales (migration map)

The migratory paths of Humpback whales, artistic map of the world, cartography by Tiffany Munro

Migration Patterns of Humpback Whales

My client wanted a map that view that showed a dreamlike representation of the continents, without country borders, as if viewed by the whales instead of humans. The whale paths show the migration patterns of humpback whales from breeding grounds to feeding grounds. Did you know no humpback whale migration paths cross the equator?

The dance of the whales is shown on an enormous ocean teaming with life celebrating the humpback whale and their enormous spirit.

You can get this map. The print is available in my contrado store.

Data from ESRI.

I make custom map commissions. You too could have a map of the migratory patterns of your favorite animal! Or anything else you can imagine.

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