Mercator Map of the World (additional real world maps inside)

Mercator Map of the World for kids vector painting Earth cartography custom map for teacher

This was my first world map and I did it using Q Gis to get the outlines and then made the rest of it as a vector. This is the only time I’ve ever done a vector painting, it was extremely challenging and I’m not sure I would do it again. I’d rather do raster work. I also regret using the Mercator projection, but because it was for children we went with what felt ‘familiar’. Personally it’s not my favorite projection and if I did it again I’d use a different one. Countries and labels are relevant to a specific test she was giving her class.

Information on my client’s teaching products. Teaching geography products for kids.

Another educational map with locations indicated for teachers, this one using OSM data:

Fantasy map of Marutius with volcanoes

Another map of the world, this one in the Robinson projection with rivers, in an attempt to get a Pacific central projection. The project fell apart so the map was never completed. I used Q-Gis and a basic outline of the world and river dataset.


If I did this one again I would also do it differently.

Still, I’ve been sitting on it for a while and I’ve decided to now share this one to my portfolio as part of my progress towards understanding how to do a wider variety of maps. These projects all challenged me greatly and I learned a lot about GIS program cartography and vector work!

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