Continent of Nepmos Map for TTRPG

Nepmos fantasy map blue watercolor realistic continent world map for RPG

TTRPG Campaign Setting Map in Watercolor

Made for a client’s game room, this map was given multiple variations but this is the original, a gentle blue watercolor. It represents the primary setting my client imagined for his game campaign and shows all of the important places and a few besides. The concept was designed by him and I gave it its overall visual look. This map is a little bit more modern and gentle in color, though I did a variation of it with a more archaic color and aged texture too.

I make games for all GMs, DMs, and more! Just get in touch with me and see if I can help you get a custom world map for your game. I don’t do printing right now (though I can put it up for sale for you if you want), I make digital files that you can print yourself or use in your virtual tabletop TTRPG session. 🙂 Just like I made a map for this game, I’d love to make one for yours too!

Thanks for checking out my art.

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