4 thoughts on “North Pole Apocalypse Map (multiple images)

  1. That’s really cool! I like how Persia has taken back the Aryan homeland, what’s Asir though?

    1. Thanks, Flopper! That’s approximately the Black Sea region, so Georgia / Ukraine / Russia, I think. The land is uninhabitable beyond the boundaries of the map in this setting. It’s a pretty neat projection!

    1. Hi, Aha! This map is in the “azimuthal equidistant north pole” projection, which means that, if you imagine the Earth as a 3D ball, the camera is positioned directly from above the north pole looking down on the Earth. Our absolute north point is in the centre of the map and south is every direction out from that nexus point. This map is cropped at approximately the level of the Canadian/USA border, beyond which is impenetrable ice.

      I advise looking at it with your eyes as though it were a fantasy map as the author selected this projection to make it slightly unclear that it is a post apocalypse Earth at all. However, if you want to understand its relation to our contemporary world, consider this version that isn’t styled to be covered in ice beyond the point of the nexus. https://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-map-northern-hemisphere-polar-stereographic-image7741108 (though it is oriented differently)

      For Europe, look at approximately the 10-11 clock hour and you will see the Celtic Kingdom which is where England and Ireland would be, the Nordic Kingdom which is where Norway/Sweden/Finland would be. Zulu Kingdom is where France/Spain/Portugal would be.

      At about 5 o’ clock we have Alaska. The Devil’s Sea at almost 3 ‘o clock is Hudson Bay in Canada and just a little further right is the great lakes. That label that says Israel is actually the Canadian maritime provinces.

      Then at around 8 o’clock we have what used to be China (Shenzhou) and what used to be eastern Russia (Siberian Federation).

      Hopefully that helps anchor your concept of the global positioning with some major landmarks!

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