Catastrophe Earth Map on Aged Damaged Parchment

Map of the World pole shift catastrophe central north pole Africa on bottom North America on top flipped apocalypse earth terra pirate map aged damaged world map

Earth Alternative Projection after Apocalypse

This represents the world commanded by gods in their domains instead of divided by men into countries. It’s been reprojected so that Africa is on the bottom instead of Antarctica, and the North Pole is in the middle, showing a badly damaged Australia and Antarctica on the middle, and a dreadfully damaged North and South America on top. We’re used to looking at Earth a certain way, but these people, after the cataclysm that did THIS to the world, don’t look at it the same way we do so this is their map.

Made for someone’s campaign setting. I had to learn a thing or two to make this map as it is a very unusual projection. I’m pleased to say I actually projected this myself instead of using someone else’s model, though… I was able to do it with G Projector.

I can also make you a custom map for your RPG setting! I work with DMs, GMs, masters of the tabletop games, to make your unique, one of a kind setting maps. Just email or Discord chat me! You run a whole world, so I’m sure you can find it in the many places I’ve littered it around the site. đŸ™‚

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