The Continent of Aldorea – Watercolor Medieval Fantasy Map

Continent of Aldorea fantasy map flat color countries watercolor on parchment medival style fantasy map medieval hand drawn map by Tiffany Munro cartography custom cartographer fantasy world building consultant how to get a custom map for my DnD D&D Pathfinder game 5e 4e 3.5e 3e

Medieval Style Watercolor on Parchment Map

This map was made for my client’s campaign setting. She had already designed this world in Inkarnate, including the canals, which are artificially created to link up all of the major cities on the continent. She was extremely particular on the positioning, the exact colors to be used, and the elements included and where. This map is almost exclusively a product of her mind, I just brought it to life in the way she was envisioning. Some of my maps are much more “Tiffany Munro”, but this one is definitely the exact map desired by my commissioner. All commissions go a little bit differently and it’s completely fine if you have a comprehensive vision and not the technical skills to create it, or if you have next to no idea what you want, only a few elements to pitch in and a blank canvas surrounding.

(Hides from the river police)

I had nothing to do with it, I swear, I just do what I’m told. Canon says they’re man-made anyway. There are no natural rivers on Aldorea. That’s just how it’s got to be.

I had no choice in the matter! As an artist, I don’t tell my clients what they can and can’t have. I know someone out there is having an aneurysm over these rivers but please, try to just focus on the nice color country backdrops, the attractive sage green watercolor sea, the fantastic beasts and ships in the sea, the madness that is the fjords in the North, perhaps the lovely little continents peaking in on the side or the Nautical compass, much of which is based on actual vintage artwork. Most of this map is lovely. It’s not just about the rivers. It’s not just about the rivers. (rocks back and forth) I like deltas. I like deltas. I like deltas.

Seriously, I do actually like the results

But for the rivers. Why the rivers. Who did this. Why did they do this? Was it that way all along?

I really like the farmland fill, the desert fill, the color scheme my client picked, the textures, the cities… it comes together attractively.

You can hire me, Tiffany Munro, map drawing fiend, to draw you a map too!

The cost is some amount of money, depending on your project and its final destination. I will draw rivers in any arrangement for you upon your request. You too can have sea monsters, ice-capped mountains, and uninhabitable wastelands or anything else you can imagine, or if you can’t imagine it, I’ll imagine it for you and draw it and let you decide if you want it to be your new RPG setting. đŸ™‚

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