Black and White Country Map for Upcoming Novel by Max Schumann

Black and white pen and ink with sea ocean texture compass simple Tolkien style fantasy map for novel writer how to get a map made for my fantasy book how to get cartography for my self published novel hire an artist to draw a map for me

How to get a fantasy map for your novel?

All you have to do is email me and with some time and money, you too could have a map like this one for Max’s book.

We decided not to put a ‘country label’ on this map or a legend. Max wanted to have a route for the journeys of his characters in the story, so that’s what we included instead of a legend. The frame is slightly decorated but not exaggeratedly large. Text is simple and clean, and the texture is reduced to just be in the ocean area. This is for print. I think the results are quite sharp.

I used Other World Mapper to draw the land shapes, which was a huge lifesaver in this commission, as my client requested many small changes to the landmass throughout the progress. If I had used my original landmass technique, using Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint, each of those changes would have been tedious and slapdash. Because of OWM, I was able to keep better control over the landmass and make repeated changes to it without redoing the echo lines each time.

This map is simple and clean with a bit of a fantasy flair, a good compromise when readability is on the line.

When I have more information on the actual novel and where you can buy it I will edit this post.

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