Continent of Aeldas – Ring World with Inland Sea

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Old Fashioned Medieval Parchment-style Watercolor Fantasy Map

Be sure to send positive vibes to the commissioner of this map. This map is for a DM who’s put a bunch of work into creating a world to run a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, rich with backstory and little worldbuilding details. The setting concept was made by my client, and I organized all of the many names he provided as well as filled in the gaps with world fill, like forests and mountains. We aimed to create something with a saturated pallet that resembles watercolor and ink, similar to The Continent of Valldnor map.

I’m happy with this artwork, I like its mood. It’s an interesting shape, even if it’s not realistic.

How to get a watercolor fantasy map made for your Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign

Simply email me with some ideas and we’ll get started! A quote and discussion is no obligation and free of charge. From that you may choose to hire me or not, totally up to you! Many people who talk to me about having a map made do choose to hire me. I can work from a directly developed idea like this map, or make something up from scratch. Thanks for considering me for your fantasy map project.

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