The Free City of Bayonne

Drawing Cities Is Hard

RIP my hand. I made up most of the names on a specific theme for the regions within the city, and while the commissioner had a say in the initial direction, the vast majority of this result comes from my brain. It began with his sketch which named the regions of the city, a couple of key streets and areas, and positioned them in relation to the river/sea. I sewed it all up and filled it in with everything it needed to pass as a realistic living city, including hundreds of street names.

Mostly, but not exclusively, made in Other World Mapper. I drew the custom location markers in Clip Studio Paint, as well as assembled the border, compass, and the boats on the edge in the sea.

My personal favourite detail is that the airport has a tiny map instead of just being represented by an airplane.

This is the first extraordinarily dense city map I have ever made. I would not have dared to try it 5 years ago and a lot of my confidence came from the streets tool of Other World Mapper… which actually drove me crazy half the time… and its feature tool, which worked flawlessly and was the primary tool I used to demarcate the parks, farmland, and buildings. Only time will tell if it remains the last. It actually came together relatively fast… only 40-60 hours of actual art time, I wager. :(( Not counting the emailing and brainstorming and staring at other city maps. Suffice it to say that it was not cheap, and even still, I’m pretty sure I took a significant decrease on my hourly fee to get it done to my satisfaction. The client was very easy to work with, it was only me being all angsty about my art, lol.

The details on the feature icons are highly illustrative so it pains me that I can’t send the full resolution version to the internet, but alas, it’s just not safe. But, if you’re dying to be able to see the details on this map let me know and we’ll work it out privately. đŸ˜‰

I think it suits the description of the game, and the setting. Also it suits the game of Vampire the Masquerade in general very well. I also think the setting would be fun for Blades in the Dark!

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