The Town of Greenrest

Roll20 VTT 1 square=10 feet battlemap town

This town was commissioned by a game master who was already using three battlemaps for this town and wanted to know what everything else looked like. So, I positioned those battlemaps where they needed to be and filled in details at token scale, for use in battle scenarios. This is ultimately cut into 3 huge strips that can be explored. Take a look below to see the level of detail you can zoom into on this town and village map if you were the owner!

close up sewer exit and bridge over river creek paths battlemap
Close up of sewer grate exit by bridge for encounter.

This will be used on Roll20, and likely as not in a game of Dungeons and Dragons 5e. 🙂 I believe Greenrest is a canonical Faerun location, however, I did not reference any earlier maps of Greenrest, I just made this up with the positioning for the OG battlemaps accounted for (those are cloned out, as they are not my artwork but of course purchased by my client already for use in their game, likely from the Roll20 marketplace or a Patron).

I have a Roll20 VTT marketplace shop, no Patron at this point. You won’t find this map there, though, as it was custom built for this client and their use alone! If you want a town like this, it’ll set you back a few more pennies than the bulk buys in my asset shop. However, if people like this kind of asset, I might make some for my Roll20 shop too! Let me know if you’d buy a battlemap scaled town. I’ll make one that actually includes the keep too.

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