Continent of Hyperborea – Seelie Empire – Inner Earth map

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Inner Earth Fae Empire with Ley Line System and Force Field Cities Map

Custom map for a novel. The version for print is in black and white, I am choosing to share the colorful version. Definitely one of my stranger maps. I’m very pleased with the city rounds. I used Affinity Designer to get the text on the round, and a combination of Clip Studio Paint and Other World Mapper for the rest. This is definitely one of the more unique map ideas I’ve encountered in a while, and there are parts of it I really like. i love the cities. Other parts I have mixed feelings about and might do differently if I were to do it again. Certainly this is yet another one of a kind map, I doubt I’ll be doing anything like it any time soon… never has anyone brought me a hollow earth Hyperborea inspired setting with an inner sun.

I do wish it happened more often. I love inner earth as a setting concept. Mapping the hollow earth has always been one of my dreams. Ever since I read the Death Gate Cycle I’ve been infatuated with the idea of a world you can live within rather than on top.

The cities of this map

The cities on this map are all inspired by various mythos. Cities are protected by ley line powered force fields against the dangerous surrounding desert and wilderness. Wild and treacherous seas loop around to the outside of the earth. It is all one sea, but this place is so sheltered from the outer world, it might as well not exist. Here, the Seelie courts of Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter contest with the Unseelie Court in the southern reaches of the desert. Good fae / bad fae. They have long lives and even longer grudges.

The novel is upcoming and when I have more information about where you can buy it, I will share! It is sure to be an interesting one! I look forward to learning more about the characters that inhabit this place. That’s one thing… I know a lot about the setting. I ask many questions, but they are rarely about the plot and cast that live in the world I’ve drawn. This is one I really do want to know more about!

The Death Gate Cycle

If you like hollow earth as an idea, read the Death Gate Cycle! The concept is an apocalypse where the earth is sundered into 4 elemental worlds which in theory, would work together in harmony. It contains 5 individual unique worlds, one of which is a classic hollow earth and another is an underground “honeycomb earth”… The others you’ll have to read to find out more about, but they are significantly stranger than those ideas, if it’s even possible… a worthy read… one of my favorite serieses. A crime they don’t have maps to go with their wildly imaginative worlds, at least not great maps anyway. However, the books include an even stranger asset… sheet music. (shrug)

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