Province of Amn on the Sword Coast.

Sword coast province of Amn map from Candlekeep, Beregost, to the City of Keys, Athkatla, Faerun Dungeons and Dragons 5e next setting map

Sword Coast Faerun Map of the Province of Amn

A map requested for a campaign in the classic Dungeons and Dragons setting of Faerun, made to specifications within the region of play. So we are covering from the northmost point, the very edge of the Cloakwood, down to Candlekeep, Beregost, Nashkel, Athkatla, Imnscar, and the Cloud Peaks as a central feature, along with Lake Weng. The southmost regions contain the mountain pass.

So, the DM made what was intended to be an NPC to sell the map to the party, but made the mistake of telling me this.

Yes. You can hire me to sell your party the map I made in game, as a cartographer character. Now I’m playing D&D with this party, which consists of evil characters mostly, all of whom are much more experienced roll players than me. Shenanigans. My character is as listed, Tikashai, a Kalashari wizard, which is apparently not optimal but I am a role player, so I’m rolling with it.

The Creation of this Map

Other World Mapper was used for assembly. KMA’s free brushes made from historical maps were used for the forest and city icons. My own brush set was used for the swamps. I drew the mountains myself in Clip Studio Paint. KMA’s brushes are NOT available for OWM use, I had to cut them apart myself, so I’ve only done a few of the sets, since it’s rather excessive to cut the whole feature sheet if I don’t need them for a project. I use them periodically when I want to evoke that hand-drawn style. I recommend his book, The Stars Were Right, available on Amazon.

The Setting of Faerun

Does not belong to me. Obviously many artists have drawn areas of the Sword Coast. This is just another contribution to the enormous living world owned by Wizards of the Coast. Faerun was originally created by Ed Greenwood back in the 80’s for TSR Inc. While I derived inspiration and positioning guides from at least four other maps, this is my own artistic rendering of a setting cherished by many. I claim no ownership over the setting, names, and ideas of Dungeons and Dragons. Your game may be set in this very same place, and that is the joy of RPGs. We all share in the creative evolution of the Sword Coast.

So it is that our map might have a Stone Giant Farm and your setting might be all about the battles of mechanical beings crawling out of mines. There are a couple points of interest from the actual campaign and more will likely be added as we progress. Maybe more maps will be released. Who can say!

2 thoughts on “Province of Amn on the Sword Coast.

  1. So great map, but just a point of clarification for you. This world was NOT created by Wizard’s of the Coast. It was created specifically by Ed Greenwood back in the 80’s for TSR Inc. Granted TSR was bought by WotC but the world was not their (WotC) creation, they inherited an already diverse, detailed and great world when they bought TSR.

    1. I have edited the blog post to include this tidbit. I’m afraid I’m too young of a roleplayer to have known this history of the companies… I only started playing a few years ago! 🙂

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