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Cruise Map of Fictional Worldbuilding

Brought on by a joke about an older map I made, the Carmen Burger Empire and Goddess’ Holy Sites, I made a modification of it to show potential pilgrimage cruise sites for Iydra, the goddess of the planet. I reused the underlying lines and rivers and holy site locations from the previous map, but reskinned the texture, the frame, and added some alterations to the flavor text. They work hand in hand together as part of the worldbuilding for Carmen, for my long running world co-created with J. Mostly the reason I keep our maps on here is so we can access them if needed.

But since it is our setting, I don’t mind if someone else is inspired to run a game on Carmen or Almaera, using what lore they’ve scraped up from my site. You can use this map in your private DnD setting if you want. I find it unlikely, because of how highly specific it is, but hey! This is my work instead of commissioned work and I can do with it whatever I want!

It is now canon that Carmenjia, goddess of Carmen, really just Iydra Shovak + thousands of years of branding, has cruises. (sprinkles fairy dust… oh no, in this setting that’s MUCH WORSE I take it back)

Holy Pilgrimage Destinations

In order to cement herself as a recognized goddess, Iydra piggybacked off an existing legend (Carmenjia) and then performed acts of magical incredibility enough so that she attached the aura of that myth to herself. Some of these locations are sites where she rescued someone or many thousands of someones. Other locations are traditionally associated with the “real” Carmenjia. The most obvious one is the top right. This is just one of many schisms in the cultish religion surrounding her.

The vast majority of her own holy sites were forged by mass rescues of people from dire natural acts. She would not consider her followers to be cultists, of course. That is just the opinion of some others less religious or more in the know about her origins being less than divine. She is the daughter of Idris Shovak, a Carmenian from Anadli, and Maera “Vilanar”, a Malelri from Almaera. Iydra Shovak was formed by wholly natural means, as was her religion. However, it is a multi-million dollar tourist industry at the very least. While many of her cultists are likely in the know that she is no more god than any other powerful magic user, growth of belief in her is pumped up by the reality that you can get your fate shifted by Carmenjia. Just… often it comes with a price sheet, that’s all! Fate cannot be denied!

I can make up a world for you!

While this particular setting is thanks to the help of my co-writer too, I can always invent something for you! Collaborative worldbuilding! Yay!

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