Archwind Estate

3 layer villain lair Aryana Archwynd fae egg shaped platform science fiction fantasy legend vibrant

Free Map

Feel free to steal this map for your private gaming needs if it would be useful to you at all. It can be provided without a legend if you want it. Aryana Archwind, the owner of this estate, can be used as an antagonist if you wish. She has an open door policy for her torturous interests and likes mazes and volleyball.

You can hire me to make you a map like this one or completely unlike anything! As of writing, I am likely occupied into April, but I have queue space in early summer, and I can sometimes sneak in simple maps in between longer term large scale commissions.

And now, I’m going to rant because this is my blog and basically no one reads it, they just here to steal my maps for their games and maybe, maybe consider hiring me!

The Lore

I’d talk about the lore behind the map, but since literally no humans ever give a damn about original lore, I won’t bother. I know ya’ll only care about existing fandoms. This is based on my own lore, from Stargazer’s Gate, my webcomic from 2013. I don’t recommend reading it. I stopped a couple of chapters in, and chances are good it will never be resumed, although I have maintained its presence on the internet. It’s there if you want to understand the aesthetic.

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2 thoughts on “Archwind Estate

  1. Tiffany lots of us read your posts 🙂 don’t sell yourself short, many of us understand just how much work goes in to one of your beautiful maps 🙂
    dwain-proud owner of a Tiffany Munro map

    1. Oh, I actually do have access to the Analytics so I know how many people read my blog… it’s not many. In the last month you are the only person who has viewed this particular blog post. It’s had one pageview. 🙂 Most people who have been to my site viewed the free fantasy map generators page… 707 people. 93 people visited my front page. I’m not actually selling myself short in this regard. Some of my maps attract interest. Yours has had more views for sure. 🙂 Because it’s based on Faerun lore, which is known to people. At its best my comic had a few regular commentors and maybe a couple hundred potential readers.

      Glad you like your map. 🙂

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