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World of Hymar – Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Fully Rendered Painted Color Poster Map

This incredible fantasy cartography painting was commissioned by a client for a private Dungeons and Dragons game group. The world of Hymar is full of all kinds of violent perilous locations to be explored by the adventurers in his RPG. Locations include a whirling purple maelstrom! A burning hellscar on the landscape! An enormous kraken filled stormy sailor deathtrap! Giant bones, sweeping deserts and sodden swamps are only some of the other features. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the actual dragon spine mountain.

Get your d20s and d4s and hey, maybe a d10 just for good measure. You’re gonna need all the crits you can get to survive the perilous world of Hymar.

This is the first time I’ve been commissioned to do a full painting of a map and I was thrilled to get the opportunity. This obviously took a lot longer than my usual ink/pencil style pirate and Lord of the Rings type maps. It being a much more contemporary rendering full of extraordinary little details, yeah, time was spent. Okay, okay, I know I’m talking myself up but no one reads these anyway! And I’M happy with this map. I’m not always happy with my work… but I just love how everything looks like it’s a giant creature or somehow ready to kill you. (Hey, it wasn’t all good. My computer crashed and lost me 6 hours of work on this map. D:< ) While this took like, 5x longer than an inked map I do hope I get the chance to do some more highly rendered painted maps like this one in the future. Of course I have some book cover landscape paintings, but this is a whole new level, a whole world, fantasy cartography painting in an oil or acrylic style which creates a satellite sort of feeling. I can't stop staring at it and I painted it, haha! It was expensive, yeah, but worth it, I think. This is the kind of map poster we cartographers hope we get commissioned to do because we live and breathe fantasy. Times like this I love my job.

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  1. Brandon Jameson December 9, 2018

    Best map ever! I highly recommend Tiffany for any cartography work. She helped me make my ideas come to life with this map. She communicated everything amazingly, and had great ideas that only improved the map to be better.

    • Tiffany Munro December 11, 2018 — Post Author

      Thanks, Brandon! đŸ˜€

      For anyone who may end up reading, this commenter is the client who hired me for this specific map (map of Hymar). Thanks for the positive review and for the awesome commission.

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