The Lost Land of Vallondar Map Painting

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The Lost Land of Vallondar Map Painting

High quality, extremely detailed high resolution map for a large poster print. Inspired by the World of Hymar map, one of my favorite pieces of work from that year. This one is equally outstanding to me, and I am quite pleased with the results of the painting. This style is much more time consuming than most of my other map styles.

The level of detail in every mountain is painstaking. Enjoy some closeups of some of the fun details.





I can also create a map for your setting. It can be inspired by this, or something else entirely. People hire me to make map posters to decorate their game room, use as a virtual tabletop screen, put into their books and modules. I’d be happy to work with you too. Contact me via Discord (Tiana#8437) or email via the form or manually.

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