Lands of Marrah Parchment Fantasy Map

Commissioned Fantasy Map of Lands of Marrah for DM

This lovely map is the setting for my client’s campaign. While the style is a little different than I usually do, based on my client’s request, I think it came out nicely. It’s a bit faded, except for the major icon of the red tree, without distinct individual trees, representing the beige northern landscape with the underlay and capturing a bit of Lore in the compass. The pink/green fade is part of the magic system for this setting.

This is part of a larger world but for now this is all I’ve made of it.

I can also make a map for you! I take commissions. If unavailable, I can direct you to other awesome cartography artists. Contact me via email (the form is at the bottom of the page) or Discord (Tiana#8437).

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