Farlander Novel Cover Art for ArtyRambles

Farlander cover for ArtyRambles Sweden Mountains and Valley with River and Tank digital landscape painting concept art dystopic novel dystopia apocalypse end of the world

This is a painting of a Sweden valley with a sunset, river, tank, factory, clouds. A beautiful tranquil setting reclaimed by nature.

It’s for a novel which the author described as “a personal journey through the apocalypse.” I don’t know if it’s published yet, but given as she wanted a book cover I’m sure it’ll make it out soon. The book is called The Farlander and the author wanted to place the text herself. 🙂

We had a lot of inspiration from concept landscape artists and of course, beautiful photography of Swedish valleys. Awash in a purple glow from the setting sun, the valley is almost peaceful, except for the tracks cut through the foliage by the intrusive tanks. Nature is mostly rebalanced now…

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