Foamas Valley Vampire Horror Campaign Map

Close region valley map for vampire campaign TTRPG tabletop roleplaying game dungeons and dragons 5e Curse of Strad

Vampire Valley Region Map

This map was made in World Creator as a base to get the mountains to look like realistic satellite terrain, and then I used drone stock photos to create realistic trees in the valley.

My client was aiming for a folk tale style horror, so we based the town locations off of real places in the sorts of region that this adventure is designed to take place, in this case a Romanian Valley. So, buildings from that eastern European style, and the towns with a little more arrangement are organized based on what I could see on Google Maps and from some drone photos of the area. The monster ideas are taken from old folk tales with illustrations, drawn in my own style. Place names are based on the language. So it creates this very cohesive environment to explore, all of which is pinned in by an impassible mist around the edges of the valley.

In the shadows you can hear the rustling and huffing of the monsters in the woods; at night you can hear the screams of their victims.

A perfect place for a Halloween campaign.

I really like the result of this map. It’s very Dracula, really got a simple touch to its horror: you can’t leave, and there are powerful things here keeping you here to use as a snack.

We put a lot of work in to make this map feel like a satellite, with illustrations of the important places for clarity, and to make the world feel like a real world. At this zoom level, I think it really does work. It’s immersive, and I hope they have a lot of fun playing in the setting and solving the mystery of Foamas Valley!

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