Magical Floating Pyramid Island Painting

Surreal pyramid fantasy painting world one of a kind RPG map waterfall in microcosmic enclosed world with veins and magic sphere, flat sun, domain

Unusual Fantasy Island World with Waterfall

A concept art painting and map all rolled into one, this world is exactly the kind of reason I keep doing what I’m doing. Please. Hire me to do things like this more often. This is beautiful, and I’M saying that, I painted it, I don’t love everything I make like I do this. This is such an unusual concept. I love doing weird maps like this. The physics are all wrong and everything is a metaphor for the mechanics and secrets of this contained island world. Ahhh.

It’s so good.

Everything is significant and every part has meaning. There are a few things I think I could do better now, but my client was really happy and called it done, so this is where it will likely stay.

I have been told this would be a good album cover. đŸ™‚

Usually I do novels and board games and RPG work. But I agree. This kind of thing would be a good album cover. Surreal, complicated, and looks great at a small resolution. This is why I became an artist. To make dreams like this come true. I never would have imagined this without my client’s help and I never would have imagined being able to make it when I first began making digital art back in like… 2006 or so. It’s been a long journey, such an emotional journey, but at least it’s punctuated by moments of dreamlike beauty the likes of which I never could have created alone.

Your vision is valuable to me as an artist. It’s what enables me to bring out my best work and potential. Without your mind, I’m just flinging pebbles at a wall hoping one of them sticks. I could never have made this without my client’s mind.

I don’t mind drawing the impossible as long as there’s a reason for it, and this weird microworld is full of reasons for everything being the way it is. Weird impossible magic reasons, of course. Outside of the protective veins the world is full of unspeakable horrors. That’s a good enough reason.

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