Bianjing Town – Wuxia Fantasy Novel Map

Wuxia Fantasy Map

This is actually the second map where I’ve done Chinese calligraphy! A terrifying thing, because I cannot read it. Still, on request, I will write in any language you want. In this case, ‘danger’ was written in Chinese for the Dangerous symbol. Done to mimic the style of old Chinese maps as well as classic fantasy novel aesthetic, this one straddles a visual line that I’m very pleased with the outcome.

If you need a fantasy map for your novel, wuxia or otherwise, I am happy to assist you! I can be commissioned for fantasy maps for novels, books, self-published author’s work… no problem! I’ve done it many times. Just email me or Discord chat me, my information should be in the sidebar, footer, menu, and pop up in the corner. I’m sure you can work it out, after all, you did write a novel.

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