Pole Shift Fractured Future Earth Map

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Pole Shift Future Earth Map

This is a map of Earth after a cataclysmic pole shift. Designed for someone’s roleplaying game, it is based on the alleged CIA remote viewings of a future earth, and drawn from lore from “The Adam and Eve Story” (not in fact the Bible story). The client desired it to be mostly void of regions and such markers, with new continents having risen and an orientation to reflect the pole shift dynamic which overcomes and changes the Earth to this new world.

Atlantis and Lemuria Rise From The Depths

So, as well as the flooded plains of a familiar world, we have Atlantis and Lemuria having risen back from the depths to rejoin us in the 4D or 5D ascended future earth. Many areas are underwater, having been submerged as the ice melts and plates shuffle.

All Hail the Mystical Esotoric Goodness of the Pole Shift Conspiracy

Do you want to know more about this stuff? There are all kinds of ways you can go. A good start would be the story I mentioned, it’s one look into the origins of the pole shift concept. Here’s the CIA’s sanitized copy of the Adam and Eve story.

If you’re into that, try the Thunderbirds Project on Youtube and learn about the Electric Universe “space is actually plasma” phenomena.

If you’re into that, look for Tartaria and the mudflood. You will run into flat earthers. Vehement ones. Do not be deceived. I’m pretty confident of the spherical nature of the earth while I appreciate the cartographic passion behind other shapes, for example hollow Earth is a pet favorite of mine. Flat Earth is just easily debunked, and it’s a distraction from the real hidden truths, since many will dismiss the entire region of the esoteric as “flat earth nonsense” “qtards” and “anti-vaxxers” of which there are many, spinning their highly marketable propaganda which hides the actual problems overshadowed by flashy conspiracies.

This has been an interest of mine for years so finally getting a chance to do a map that is fed from the lore of the pole shift was great! And I love the eerie dreamlike result given in this pole shift map.

The lore that feeds into this is somewhat askance from the high fantasy maps I often do, and reflects one of my other pet interests… the esoteric and mysticism of prophecy and remote viewing phenomena. I do not make a secret of the fact that I have experienced the paranormal and believe a handful of weird things. Could this map be a reflection of our future being danced about in both mine and my client’s minds, our tenuous link to the Akashic records scraping that idea out of the ether? Or is it just fiction? Maybe this isn’t the place to debate such a thing. I am, after all, just one artist trying to ekk out a living, for art is something I feel worthy of placing a dollar sign to, whereas the spiritual world I do not.

At any rate, I am pleased with the dreamlike haze that overcomes this world map.

If you enjoy my art consider donating to me or hiring me to make your map! If you don’t have spare money, that’s okay, say hi in the comments, I appreciate a kind word too. đŸ˜€

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