Delisheli – Andromedian Scout Craft Delta C Delta 402 – Sci Fi UFO map

Andromeda UFO Battlemap

This is personal original work. A UFO from Andromeda travels in search of intelligent life, all the while experiencing minor interpersonal problems. You are of course welcome to borrow it for your own individual gaming use, either the characters, the organizations, or the ship map itself. If someone does want it for their game a version without text can be provided if you contact me.

This is a rare example of me doing science fiction, a regretful thing because I think my skill and taste may better apply to the realm of sci-fi mapping than fantasy mapping at times… I love these galaxy colors and glows!

Behold, in the middle of it all, Duncan, my beloved sweet boy, I will miss him forever, but at least now he’s adventuring with some aliens. 🙁

I imagine the crew of three is all “equals” but the navigator, who moves the craft through fold space with the power of her mind, is a bit full of herself for having that skill! Nomarie and Tog all consider themselves equally annoyed. Delisheli involves a little bit of Deli being hellish. At least she’s usually asleep.

I have no idea wtf is up with that engine diagram. I didn’t design that. It forced itself through me. I tried to draw it differently and it forcefully changed itself. So that was weird, but not the weirdest thing I’ve ever had happen in my life. Probably seeing future technology right here, but woo, I, Tiffany Munro, am an obscure artist and it won’t be remarkable until like, 2078 and I’m decrepit and I’ll be like “wait I drew that, gods… damnit…”

Custom Space Ship Map Art

You need a space ship layout that looks kinda painty and dreamy? You want some alien crew invented? You want someone who may or may not have channelled some of that Andromeda vibe from actual outer space? You want to work with someone who may or may not be cray, but has FABULOUS taste in colors and blurry dreamy textures? That’s me! Tiffany the map artist! Drawin’ your UFOs! Populating them with cats! Giving them backstories!


This might be some mystical starseed indigo child bullshirt, I know it, but look, I make my money honestly, I might be a mystic on one hand but artist is a “real job”. Buy some art from me! Or don’t, there’s loads of other good artists, and maybe you could make something awesome if you actually tried. It’s less hard than it is tedious.

Leave a comment if you totally get this “aliens might or might not talk to me maybe I’m crazy” vibe. I was into drawing this map. It fit my secondary interest.

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