Land Oversea – Living Sword map

Black and white map for living sword by pemry janes

A map for a new book. Living Sword 2 by Pemry Janes

Timelapse video included above with music by Kai Engel and a glitch effect that turns out was unintentional… ._.

Anyway, I like the map I made for this one, it’s simple and effective for the purpose. You’ll notice a pretty large mistake in the video, I forgot the lake and remembered to add it but didn’t screen capture that part. I don’t know if that’s particularly important.

Anyway, this is a fantasy custom cartography for a s&f novel for young adults, the second in the series you’ll notice, the first doesn’t involve my art but can also be found on Amazon. It’s more of a novella, a fast read, I’ve actually read it… đŸ˜€ Obviously it’s about the adventure of someone with a living sword and it’s a good read.

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