Oinos – A map of Hades (2 additional maps in the post)

Oinos map of hell hades grimdark fantasy setting dark satan black and white ink wimblebilder bw b/w cartography custom ink river spine tower for custom dungeons and dragons dnd 5e setting

Black and White map of the first gloom of hades / Oinos

This map was created for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign module work in progress, a kickstarter was run but failed so I’ll let you know if it gets off the ground again. I’ve been sitting on the maps for it for over a year now so I’ve decided to add some of them to my portfolio.

This would have been a multi-staged dungeon and this was basically the first ‘step’, a hellscape with a couple of significant encounter locations (the spine tower and the Hag tree).

Glitterhell (the underworld)

 The Underworld map of hell dungeon DnD Pathfinder WoD world of darkness dungeon map for campaign book Dungeons & Dragons 5e Glitterhell

Hag Den tree dungeon


Here are a couple of the additional maps that went with the setting, showing the home of the hags and the underside of Oinos, the hellscape, which was a twisted world full of despair, challenging to escape. These were made to be played in Dungeons and Dragons 5e games and would have been published if the Kickstarter went through, but at this time the module is not yet available for sale. Please enjoy the artwork and if you would like to commission me to make assets for your own custom DnD, Pathfinder, World of Darkness or FATE module (or any other roleplaying game) get in touch. I can be emailed at calthyechild@gmail.com.

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