Corah T and O medieval style fantasy map

Fantasy T and O map

This map was created as though Corah the country only really cared about themselves and everything else was secondary / less known, just sort of incidentally jammed in on the side. It is thus less an accurate representation of this world (the commissioner already has such a map) and more of a vanity representation of the three kingdoms of Corah.

This map and its orientation was inspired by T and O / TAO / T+O style medieval maps of the Mediterranean region, where the sea would form the T and the land around it would form the O and the rest of our world was simply incidental to the thriving communities of Greece and Rome and Spain and France and all those other fun places in a cluster. While Corah does not have an inner sea, it did have a river, which I then used as the focal line leading towards the mountain range at the top. Much more important than land details was stylized buildings and creatures.

The hardest part of this map was the border, which I initially planned to be far more elaborate. Eventually I just found myself wasting too much time trying to figure out how to do it and so I ended up with this stylized woodcut O, which I really liked.

The Fantasy Book for this Map: The Brightest Shadow by Sarah Lin is now out!

The associated book is now out! The Brightest Shadow by Sarah Lin is now available for puchase!

“The arrival of the Hero was worse than anyone could have imagined.

To take her place as a full warrior of her tribe, Tani must travel across the vast grasslands of the Chorhan Expanse. But she has her sights set higher than a mere ritual journey: she wants to uncover a solution to the impending war that threatens her people. Her world has never been peaceful, torn between the many cultures that meet on the Chorhan Expanse, but the greatest threat is an expansionist army of monstrous non-humans who call themselves the mansthein.

Legends tell of monsters who will attempt to conquer the world, but are the mansthein those monsters? Tani believes that peace may be possible, but there are others on both sides who believe in the legends with zealous devotion. All around her, warriors have their eyes on a glorious victory with no concern for the piles of bodies they’ll create on the way.

Tani will be joined by a killer pretending to be a healer, a mansthein commander struggling with his orders, a thief who pawned her heart of gold, and a strategist exiled from a foreign land.

But none of them are the Hero. It doesn’t matter how many shades of gray might exist, some people see only in black and white. And the terrifying truth is that the stories they tell might not be just legends.”

Hire Me To Make You Custom Cartography

If you’d like me to make a unique map for you of some sort, get in touch at I also have Discord but I only log in once a week to play Dungeons and Dragons, so that would need to be pre-arranged.

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