Dralderth – the Dragon Realms fantasy map

Dralderth - the Dragon Realms Adam novel fantasy country map distorted by cartographer cartographic perspective by the author artist animals fantastic notations and illustrations of creatures and critters and animals and monsters in the world of the Dragon Realm contemporary 2019 2020 fantasy authors bw black and white ink simple fantasy continent hand drawn digital ink custom compass storytelling elements worldbuilding elk dragons killer whales chimera tiffany munro fantasy cartography world creator and consultancy consultant

This black and white fantasy map is for an upcoming novel which I will link in the future. The author has given me permission to share this bit of awesomeness to my portfolio. Whales, chimera fish, ports, dragons, birds, elk, clouds of horror… a whirlpool… lots of great details in this map, and a great story attached.

This was designed in black and white to be printed, so b/w from the start, ink done to look as close to a traditional creation as possible. Many elements are large to indicate the interest of the wandering cartographer and the things he would note as he travels throughout the Dragon Realms. I enjoyed the novel greatly and I can’t wait until it’s available for sale for you all to read.

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