The Land of Ras Shamara – black and white fantasy map for novel

black and white b&w ink basic texture fantasy country region map Ras Shamara novel by Sam Ford fantasy map portfolio commission for novelist writer story fictional place Sumerian legend south American America fantasy contemporary writers new fantasy novel

B&W fantasy map of country right justified for contemporary fantasy novel

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What I think is neat about this one is how it’s set in the southern hemisphere. Most people write in the north, or they’ll have a set island setting! This is an interesting twist!

The mythology is also inspired by Sumarian legends, another thing I don’t see too often.

Please enjoy this hand drawn b/w fantastic beautiful sketch map and hopefully the novel Spirit Sword by Sam Ford as well! Ras Shamara seems like an interesting country to explore and I enjoyed hand lettering the calligraphy with Sumarian inspired slabs to finish off the in world style cartography that feels custom to the world.

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