The Perilim – black and white lineart dungeon RPG map (step by step breakdown included in the post!)

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Welcome to the Perilim Black and White Hell Dungeon!

Welcome to the Perilim, a Nightmare Realm home to the wizard Leezar and the Follower. The demon follower stalks the player characters through this perilous dungeon full of traps and nightmarish pitfalls. What we have here is the result of handing Tiffany Munro, cartographer, a concept and saying “okay have fun!” My favorite kind of commission to do! The client came to me with a Dungeons and Dragons game he had in mind, his sketch for the Perilim, and I just… filled it in with nightmares. I also gave a few hints as to the nature of the dimension.

Because this is being for an RPG, and the map created by a character, I aimed to create a hand drawn map feel. This is why I hand-lettered everything.

This will be used for a private game. I’m delighted to share it with you all here in my art blog / fantasy cartography portfolio. This is the first properly dungeon map I’ve ever done, though it doesn’t have any inch scaling or hex squares on it. It’s supposed to be the reward for a quest, and I love that the players will actually get the real map as a reward to put up on their game room wall. đŸ˜€

Personally some of my favorite clients are Game Masters. I had an awesome time creating this map and hope that in the future I’ll get to do it again!

The Progress Breakdown

Sometimes people ask me how I made a map. I’m not actually sure this helps, but here’s how the process went from start to finish on this map!

I believe this may be an actual purchased dungeon node however I couldn’t find it to direct you, the reader, to where it came from. Besides, you can make up or choose your own game! And hire me to illustrate it!

Thanks for reading.

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