Continent of Easar – Dungeons and Dragons campaign map

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Custom Fantasy Continent for RPG with Giant Wall and City Illustrations

This parchment map was designed for a Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game group to explore. The goal was to create something that had a sense of whimsy and mystery. Still, I made sure to try capturing the seriousness of the dark versus light storyline written by the game master. It’s less about being geographically accurate. Here we’re creating something full of weird fantasy points to run adventures and points where a dungeon can be entered, etc. So you’ll see unlabeled mines and caves. Resources to fight over. Etc.

Because it was made after the campaign started, a few aspects were required to stay even though they were not ‘accurate’ to ‘real life’. Instead of trying to recreate a possible world, the primary goal here is to carve out a chunk of the world created for the game. I personally love the result of this map and its minimal punches of color.

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