Historic Town Treasure Map – Pirate Themed Illustration

Treasure map for historical town pirate themed medieval fantastic map buildings path

This map was done for a client running a scavanger hunt event for children in a historic town, with a pirate theme. The event was a success and I’m happy to share the treasure map with you all. (By which I mean the oh, 1 person who sees this. Hi!)

I aimed to create a creased parchment paper with a weathered old look. All of the art represents locations on the actual site, with pirate themed symbols and glyphs. The client wanted something with a splash of fantasy, but more of a historical old west town than a Lord of the Rings style map. This was designed as a handout for a scavenger hunt, a treasure hunt, a game for children. Hopefully it was a great success. Always fun when you can hand a kid a treasure map. This is the second pirate style treasure map I’ve done, actually. My previous one was for a Canadian client doing pirate themed tours. Muskoka Lake Pirate Map for Pirate Boat Tours map of Canadian Lake.

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