Endoth Purple City at Night – fantasy book cover / concept art (and a city map sketch)

Purple Night Fantasy City in the Mountains watchtower castle waterfall ruins fantasy concept cover book cover art Endoth Tiffany Munro Almaera castle in the mountains beautiful concept art 2018 digital impressionism painted cityscape night moon glow eerie

In the foothills near the northern mountains, the city of Endoth is sandwiched in between a normal river, and the one running out of the Garden, which occupies a fairly large section of the north eastern city, creeping up into the mountainous forest that sprawls out towards the east. The castle is considered to be the people’s as well as the royals, and is always open for visitors who feel compelled to make their way all the way uphill. The flatter, easier to navigate areas of the city are populated by markets and housing for the less affluent, who can easily be distinguished by their less dense calf muscles. No, I’m kidding. That’s not part of the world building. On the southern edges of the city and to the west, ruins of the old city can still be seen, mostly untouched due to fear of misfortune, but surrounded nonetheless by opportunistic farmers willing to risk a little wyrd.

So this one is actually not art for a client, really rare moment of me actually doing art for my own thing. And even not that, because I did it for a friend’s birthday gift. Aaahh!

So this is the city of Endoth, which is a city in a story we’re both working on together. There’s even a crappy map which I have yet to fully finish to be featured in the portfolio. But here’s the preview of it!

Endoth city map purple city fantasy map
Purple city map of Endoth Almaera Tiffany Munro map lilac city fantasy concept streets conscript

Yeah, so I don’t have a lot of time to do art for myself, but I wanted this one in the portfolio so whatever!

Here is a map of the fantasy world this city belongs to:

Almaera Fantasy Map Family Territory and Ekaeli Conlang Script

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    1. Just in case this isn’t a robot and you’re a legit baby MOM who happened to run into me due to my certain other connections, the theme is Nikkon premium, cost me 20 dollars which was worth it, I think, a very nice professionally made WordPress theme. There’s a non-pro version and of course you’re welcome to buy it. If the first is true, PM me over on the site from which you found me (you know what site it is if I’m correct) to verify you are in fact just a member of a community I participate on. If we are shared community members and you actually want site feedback / help, I’d be happy to help you out a bit.

      That said, if you’re worried about a theme slowing down your site I don’t recommend this one, there were a few things that it did by default which slowed my very image heavy site down a lot. Yours looks all right to me, to be honest, it fits the genre without having any immediately obvious dark patterns.

      Good luck with the hustle.

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