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Fantasy City Painting – Cover Art for Age of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium! (more images inside)

Cover Art for the Valantiam Imperium Age of Azmoq city on a pedestal fantasy concept art high fantasy illustration photoshop with text

The final COVER art  FOR NOVEL BY author Rajamayyoor Sharma.

So above, we have the final version of Raj’s cover for the Age of Azmoq. A beautiful fantasy city on a stone pedestal, the sunset, and beautiful lush fields. Rolling hills. Tiny little villages below.

This was not the first rendition, however. This painting went through several stages to get to where it is now. This journey was to best suit Raj’s vision for his extensive and detailed fantasy world. The worldbuilding contained in his new released book, the Age of Azmoq: The Valantiam Imperium is extensive, and I have created several pieces of art to enhance his worldbuilding.

Villasboro Map, a small fantasy map of a village location where his main character starts out.
The Fantasy Continent map of Valentia, the entire continent the novel is set in.
And finally a route map of Welaholla to Khratosh with insets to illustrate features along the enormous highway, and isometric views of the cities themselves.

Cover Art for the Valantiam Imperium Age of Azmoq city on a pedestal fantasy concept art high fantasy illustration photoshop full wrap book cover

The original artist

Copy of Age of Azmoq book.My version of the map, however, is not the original. Credit for the entire underlying Photoshop to the artist Teodora Chinde. I don’t have a link for her portfolio or blog, but you can read a bit more about her cover design here on Raj’s blog and see the original design.

Be sure to check out Raj’s book, available now on Amazon. Age of Azmoq: The Valantiam Imperium.

There are pictures inside of the book!

Look! There are more pictures in the book!

This book really is an exploration of a fantasy world in the style of the great fantasy authors such as Tolkien. It’s rich and full of enormous detail. I know that just this fantasy city alone makes me want to read it! I will add my review to this post once I’ve completed the book. 🙂

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