Vibrant Pink 2018 Contemporary Science Fiction Book Cover Graphic Design

Time Travel Book Cover

A science fiction book cover in fushia pink. Imagining time travel, layers, interface, technobabble. I really wanted to evoke very contemporary design–so bright bright bright, colors from the future. We all thought the future would be shiny white. Tell that to my printed leggings and LURID COLOR SCHEME FROM BEYOND THE ABYSS. Turns out with contemporary graphic design, you can just slam letters wherever you want, it doesn’t even matter if it’s legible. I’ve done a poster or two that really pushes that to the edge. In this case, I just wanted lettering that implied multiple timelines butting into each other and making a mess. I also wanted to evoke some of the contemporary technology, like the LHC. Finally, hexagons are my favorite shape. Pink is not my favorite color. Green is. But shush. Pink seems to be super trendy right now and I wanted a portfolio piece that proved I could do modern as well as my usual fantasy map shindig. Not that I don’t love making them, but I am open to doing all kinds of graphical work!

During a lull between clients, I made this more contemporary book cover design for a hypothetical science fiction novel I named Repeat.

This isn’t for a real book

This design was made for myself and is available to be purchased and customized if you want it for some reason. Sometimes I have gaps in my portfolio so I’ll do a piece of random art to try fill it up.

Hire me to make fantasy and science fiction book covers for you!

I am very interested in taking on commissions for fantasy and science fiction book covers. While I do this whole fantasy niche, it does mean most of my covers have been fantasy cities and such, I can do moody girls in forests too. You are the client and you can tell me to draw whatever would like for money.

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2 thoughts on “Vibrant Pink 2018 Contemporary Science Fiction Book Cover Graphic Design

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    1. Hello Jan! I don’t actually have a newsletter at current, because my work is usually piece work for individual clients I never thought it would be something too useful for my product. Maybe I should add one, but I don’t want to add one unless I have a decent idea of what kind of content to send out, and then I just start overthinking it, fall over and die. I’m bad at the social media aspect of my freelancery. I see you also do not have one up front.

      You should absolutely use Analytics, it gives you an idea of who your customers and traffic are, plus it’s a free tool. I don’t use any paid advertising, to be honest. I sometimes put ads on Project Wonderful, but I haven’t done that in quite a while, and never for this site. What I do is, I join relevant forums where the people who might want to buy my product participate, put a link in my signature, and participate. And when I do get a chance to link to myself, I make sure that the link has relevant text for my brand. This is so I show up when people search for things like “fantasy country map”, one keyword set that brings me traffic. It’s exhausting, but I try to put out small amounts of quality content around the web on forums so that my link gets associated with keywords I want it appearing alongside in searches. I don’t get a lot of traffic, but it’s free!

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      Visually, the site design isn’t too bad! A lot of people don’t get that easily accessible navigation at the top. Now get some social media and similar links up there too.

      Yes, link sharing does improve SEO. Another tool I use is Yoast, which gives SEO advice on blog posts. It’s quite helpful! I don’t maintain a links page on this particular site, though I’ll probably make a book shelf at some point for the books containing my maps.

      Anyway, cheers,

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