The Great Ocean: islands and currents parchment map

parchment pirate fantasy map with current arrows and shoals and rocks in historical style, limited color, red text, the great ocean, tree islands, world tree, pirate TTRPG campaign setting map commission

The Great Ocean islands currents and shoals parchment map

This map has arrows to show the sailing currents, as inter-island travel is important here. My favorite detail is the large world tree island! Commissioned for a game campaign. A classic parchment style map in the vein of historical maps and pirate treasure maps. The distortion of the grid is created to show approximately how much of the globe this region actually takes up and is cropped from a much larger grid, though the rest of the world was not filled in.

No one has ever asked me to do a currents map before so I developed a new technique to show the currents and I think it came out nicely. This map also had something I do have in some other maps, rocks and shoals, but to a greater extent. I feel this is a detail often neglected in sketches, and while I add decorative rocks in, my client here did specify all the intended rocky regions, creating and limiting access points to the islands with these positionings. Because of that, I used a texture rather than manually positioning all of the rocks.

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