Abandoned Mansion Watercolor Battlemap

Abandoned Mansion Battlemap TTRPG Dungeons and Dragons 5E module artwork pathfinder

An Abandoned Mansion for a TTRPG module encounter

This was a new style for me, the watercolor style battlemap. I quite like what I developed. I often do photographic painting style battlemaps but this one retained more focus on the lines and watercolor instead of going full on texture. This was to spec for someone’s module, to accompany what they already created. So the descriptions of the rooms are made to match the art, the size, etc. On a grid for combat.

I am happy to make a map to accompany your adventure module! Please email me or Discord me to get started. I can also make maps on spec for your actual gameplay, however, usually it isn’t fast or cheap enough for that unless you have really special players. Usually people want work like this to go into their publication. I’m happy to work with DM’s Guild and Drive Thru RPG creators with modest prices and discuss things such as royalty arrangements for battlemaps like this.

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