Estavin Islands – timelapse video!

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Timelapse Fantasy Map Making in Other World Mapper

It’s not exactly a tutorial because the way I had my tool bar somehow resulted in it not being copied by the screen recorder, and I don’t say anything or add any extra text. You’ll just get to watch a super fast version of me making this map if you watch the video. Let me know if you’d like to see more of this!

This map is of an original setting, made to test the possibilities with a new mapping program I purchased, Other World Mapper.

Estavin is very proud to be a Democracy instead of the people they don’t like to be associated with up north on the other side of the planet, though they don’t mind trading with those people. However, they have strict rules about the things the magic using Fuedalists can bring past their borders. They are known for producing much of the import fruit and tea available in the northern continent (which is where a lot of the writing me and Janell do takes place).

Due to this map being my own work, you may use it privately for your roleplaying game if it inspires you. Janell is aware of its presence on the internet and the intellectual property of the country of Estavin and Almaera and all surrounding lore is our property. As we got our start with fanfiction, it would be uncharacteristic of us to prevent fan work from spilling out off of our brain things.

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